Fortnite Batman Zero Point: Fishstick reveals there is a traitor in the team

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Fortnite Batman Zero Point issue #4 was recently released, and it revealed numerous secrets about the island and the simulation. Batman makes it out of the loop, only to find himself stuck in another.

The good thing is that now he can talk, and has a few comrades to help out with his quest.

Fan-favorite DC villain Deathstroke was also introduced in this issue, and surprisingly, he teamed up with the Bat and the Cat.

He introduces them to other members of the Fortnite universe who escaped the loop. Interestingly, these characters have been on the island for a long time, but couldn't figure out the secrets of the loop.

Renegade Raider, Bonehead, Bandolette, Eternal Voyager, Fishstick, and Magnus are the original Fortnite characters who escaped the loop. All of them teamed up to unveil the mysteries of the loop.


However, the novel ends on a cliffhanger as Fishstick tells Batman that someone is a traitor in their ranks.


Fortnite Batman Zero Point: A brief summary of issue #4

Issue #4 of Fortnite Batman Zero Point comic books started on a hopeful note as Batman finally found his voice. He can speak again, but he doesn't remember anything from before, only the memory of the loop remains.

Coincidentally, Catwoman and Deathstroke faced the same problem, but the original Fortnite characters didn't mention anything of this sort. Together, they embark on a mission to collect energy frequencies to open the three hatches present in Fortnite's island.


Batman succeeds and opens one of the hatches, and orders Fishstick to check for traps underwater. Meanwhile, the rest of them ventured inside the hatch, only to find a rock monster. This monster has runic symbols similar to Raz, and it was revealed that this is its power source.

The team discovers a weapons arsenal, and Batman divides them into groups of two to scour the rest of the area. After a while, Batman finds Fishstick, who is gravely injured. He gives a device to Batman which allows the user to get in and out of the map without getting stuck in the loop.

Subsequently, Batman deduced that this tech belongs to the ones who created the hatches and everything else in Fortnite. Fishstick informs Batman that there is a traitor in their team, who is not affected by the loop. This traitor had the device and they are working with the ones who control the Fortnite simulation.

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(Image via Epic Games)

Issue #4 ends on a suspenseful note, and fans can expect that the next novel will introduce the IO (Imagined Order). Batman will fight these guards and would discover the home of Fortnite's Zero Point.

All the leaks suggest that issue #5 will also introduce another villain in the storyline. However, fans will have to wait till June 15th to get their hands on the graphic novel.