Fortnite Alien Skin: Release Date, Price, Skin Leaks, Portal, News, Rumours and Everything We Know

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The current season of Fortnite has been progressing smoothly since it released back in December, and now is moving towards the tail end of the season.

While there have been some decent additions since the season released, the real shining star has been the new skins added into the game.

From Street Fighter to the Master Chief, there has been a ton of collaborations within the game and it appears a new one is coming.

While we have the Predator skin already in the game, a new one appears to be coming soon.

Here's all you need to know about the Alien skin!


Every time a new skin has been released this season, there has been an ample amount of leaks that have appeared beforehand.

These have usually involved portals within the game being encrypted by data miners, and we are able to get a hint at what is to come.

This time around the following image has been found within the files and can be viewed down below thanks to HYPEX!

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Photo via @ShiinBR


Many savvy fans have noted that this portal is seen within the Alien movies, and it would make sense that the Alien skin would be added into the game due to the notion that we already have the Predator skin within the game. 

But, we have only have leaks to go off as of now until Epic confirms this information!


This skin is also going to feature a built-in backbling according to iFireMonkey!

Keep in mind this skin will have a built-in emote

Release Date

As of now, we can assume the skin is going to release sometime soon; but do we do not for sure when it will happen.

Be sure to keep your eyes out on social media for any news in the coming days or weeks. 

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