Fortnite: Street Fighter Skins Coming Soon

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has just released a brand new patch in the v15.40 this past week. 

The update brings back a beloved weapon in the Flint Knock, and it is one of the best updates in quite some time.


While this season has been relatively dry in terms of content, the collaborations they have pulled off this season are out of this world.

Now, a brand new one appears to be coming with a beloved fighting game.

Here's all we know! 




The Street Fighter X Fortnite collaboration was leaked as data miners were able to encrypt the in-game portal within the files.

These portals are where the skins appear within the game, and Epic will more than likely post a cinematic when these skins release.

The leak comes from Twitter user FNLeaksAndInfo who posted the following:


Looks like the next Zero Point Portal is for Street Fighter!


We do not know many specifics about the skins as of now, but we can assume Ryu will be one of them


Price-wise, we can also speculate there will be some sort of bundle within the item shop and it will run players around 1500 vbucks. 



ShiinaBR was able to uncover the emotes as apart of the Street Fighter skins!

Street Fighter Emotes!(Full credits to @YoungPook707, they were the very first to post this, so all credits goes to them!)
— ShiinaBR - Fortnite Leaks (@ShiinaBR)
February 19, 2021