Fortnite Patch 15.40 Patch Notes: Release Date, Downtime Confirmed, Skins, News, Bug Fixes, Downtime, Locations, Leaks And Everything You Need To Know

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Although update 15.30 only released this past week, it appears Epic is gearing up to roll out 15.40 already.

While the majority of Chapter 2 Season 5 has been lacking in updates, Epic has done a fantastic job in implementing new skins for players to grab.


The collaborations they have pulled off this season are out of this world and we can only assume more is to come. 

Now, with a new patch on the horizon, you may be wondering what changes Epic is adding this time around.

Here is all we know about the next Fortnite update! 

Release Date

Typically, Epic tends to wait two to three weeks before releasing a new patch.


This model has been the same since Chapter 2 Season 1, but now a new leak has alerted us that it could come as early as next week.

Fortnite announced yesterday that they would be delaying the first week of FNCS qualifiers due to a new bug discovered in the 15.30 update.

FrenzyLeaks and other community members have noted that this could mean we could potentially see a new update as soon as next week to resolve this issue! 

We have discovered a bug in the v15.30 update that is preventing some players from being able to queue into tournaments. To ensure all eligible players have the opportunity to compete, we are shifting each FNCS Qualifier back one week.


Patch Notes

Leaks or Rumors? 

Some notable leaks and rumors have been flying in over recent weeks.


One of these comes from VasttBlast, who notes Epic is working on a new vehicle with a mounted weapon!

Epic is working on a car with a mounted turret/gun. Some values I found:

• "AFortDagwoodVehicle:ApplyVehicleModMountedGun"• "MountedGunData"

This may or may not have something to do with the upcoming creative mods.


New Weapons

Epic has been adding a ton of new weapons to the game since the season released/

We can potentially expect a new set of weapons in the coming update!