Fortnite 17.50 Update Patch Notes

Credit: Image via Epic Games

Credit: Image via Epic Games

The Fortnite 17.50 update is the final patch for Fortnite Season 7. This patch will probably be the heaviest update that we've seen in this season.

As expected, the Fortnite 17.50 update will bring forth the finale of the season. After the update, we'll have more idea on how the season is going to conclude.

It's been a while since Epic Games has stopped launching patch notes for Fortnite, so we need to rely on our trusty data miners for all the information.

That being said, here are the Fortnite 17.50 update patch notes.

Fortnite 17.50 Update Release Date

The Fortnite 17.50 update is scheduled to go live on August 31st i.e. today. That being said, we still don't know about the down time just yet.

However, since it's the final update of the season, the Fortnite server downtime shouldn't be too long because a good amount of the content is in the files already.

Update Size

The Fortnite update sizes vary from platform to platform. And for some reason, they tend to vary between devices as well. That being said, here are sizes of the Fortnite 17.40 update on different devices.

  • PS4 - 2.4 GB
  • Xbox - 2.9 GB
  • Switch - 1.9 GB
  • PC - 2.17 GB
  • PS5 - 2.4 GB
  • Android - 500 MB

Fortnite 17.50 Update Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

As listed on their Trello Board, here are the bug fixes that we'll be seeing with the Fortnite 17.50 update:

  • Battle Royale:
    • Losing item functionality after swapping from Prop-ifier to Consumable.
  • Creative:
    • VFX Spawner Device does not display all VFX options.
    • Android Players are unable to use color picker to change color.
    • Players are ejected from vehicles in shallow water.
    • Adding the Skydome Device to the hotbar resets the island visually.
  • Save The World:
    • Players may be unable to swap Hero Loadouts in the Lobby while using a controller.
    • Inaccurate description of Goin' Constructor in game.
    • SGT Tank Gatling's perk Bouncy Shield is no longer triggering.

Fortnite Crew

The progressive cosmetics for Fortnite Crew subscribers has finally come to life. These cosmetics evolve and unlock further stages as you continue to be a subscriber to the service.

The sets unlock on the 14th of each month. Here's what the different stages mean.

New Cosmetics

We've got new reactive skins on the cards. The tattoos on the skin illuminate when you open chests while wearing the skin.

Another community skin has made it to the Fortnite item shop. Designed by @DahjaCat this set could be live once the Fortnite update today goes live.

That isn't the only skin that we'll be seeing after the Fortnite update today. There are a few more skins.

There is a new Antman emote that is supposed to come to the game shortly. It could either go live once the Fortnite 17.50 update downtime has ended.

Not only that, we'll be seeing transformative outfits after the Fortnite update today. Certain outfits will have a built in emote that will alter the outfit. This is very much on the lines of the Superman outfit that exists in the game right now.

The above video will give you a quick peek into all the skins added with the Fortnite update today!

Finally, there's a new starter pack for the Battle Royale mode. The D'Ark set will be going live sometime before the next season in Fortnite. It comes with it's very own back bling and glider as well.

New Event

There's a new event that we'll be seeing after the Fortnite update today. We don't have a start date to it just yet, but it should start within the next couple of days.

According to data miners, the new event has a series of challenges and cosmetics associated with it too.

Apart from the Island Games, there is another event which is on the cards. Now according to popular data miner ShiinaBR, we'll be entering into a downtime right after the event ends. This is probably the end of season event that they've been talking about.

Other than that, another musical event may just be on the cards. Dubbed as the Soundwave Series, the event will be featuring an Egyptian singer known as Mohamed Hamaki.

Weekly Challenges

The upcoming legendary challenges have also been added to the game files. The final two weekly challenges are pretty interesting and build the storyline up quite well.

In fact, if you manage to complete all challenges, there is a specific reward in the form of a loading screen for you. This is the first time Epic Games is doing something like this.

We've got ourselves a new set of Wild Week Challenges as well.

New Loading Screens

The Fortnite update today brings in a host of new loading screens. And like every other teaser, these loading screens also have an interesting story to tell.

Map Changes

The Fortnite 17.50 update does not bring in any major map changes. However, based on previous information, Corny Complex will be abducted after the Fortnite update today.

Not only that, there is a new POI/Landmark that may go live soon enough.

Here's how the Corny Complex POI is expected to look like after the Fortnite update today is completed.

New/Updated LTMs

A new LTM known as Takeover has been added. This LTM is very similar to the Control mode we've seen in games like Destiny 2.

Over all, this update has been a fun one. It hasn't revealed too much. But given whatever we've seen in the Fortnite update today, it sets the stage perfectly for the explosive finale that we have on the cards for this season.


FortBytes were a lot like the alien artifacts that we've been seeing during this season. These were available sometime in Chapter 1 and were never seen again.

However, some Fortbyte files have been added to the files after the Fortnite update today. And there's a chance we might see them again in Fortnite Season 8.

And since the Fortnite 17.50 update has finally concluded, we'll see you again in Fortnite Season 8. Make sure you give the aliens hell!

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