Fortnite Collect Durrrburger Relic Quest: Where Are The Ruins and The Temple

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Finally, all of the Indiana Jones cosmetics can be obtained in Fortnite, following the release of the 21.20 update. To grab them all, you'll have to complete some challenges, though. One of those asks you to collect the Durrrburger Relic from The Temple and The Ruins in Fortnite. To help you out and show you where The Ruins are, we've put together a guide to help you.

We'll go over the rules for the challenge, exactly where you need to head on the island to grab the relics, and in what spot they're hidden.

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Fortnite Collect Durrrburger Relic Quest Guide

First of all, it's worth noting that you need to collect both relics in one match. Thankfully, the two locations are nice and close together, so you can quickly head from one to the other.

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Once you've got one, you'll only need to head about 200 metres to get to the other. If you die with one collected, you'll need to wait until your next game to try again.

Therefore, if you're finding that there are loads of enemies trying the same thing, maybe wait a little while first.

The Temple Location

You'll find the Temple in the north east of the Fortnite map, not far from the coastline. You can see exactly where to head in the screenshot below:

relic, fortnite map
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Once you're there, head into the largest part of the Temple and head to the middle of it, where you'll spot a tree.

The relic should just be at the base of that tree, so pick it up.

ruins, fortnite map, relic
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Where are The Ruins in Fortnite?

The second relic you're after should be at The Ruins, which are just south east of the Temple, on the coast by a collection of small islands.

Up near the top of the Ruins, you'll find the relic between a broken wall and a tree, in the spot we're in in the screenshot below.

relic, fortnite
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Again, you'll need to grab both of them in the same match, so be sure to go from one to the other immediately.

With them both collected, you'll complete this quest and the reward for doing so will be waiting for you once the game has finished. You'll then be able to continue with the other quests in the Indiana Jones set.

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