Where to Find the Cube Assassin in Fortnite Season 8

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The Cube Assassin in Fortnite Season 8 is probably one of the most mysterious NPCs to have joined the island, and players cannot come across her via normal means on the map. If Fortnite fans do not know where to look for the Cube Assassin, they will not be able to find her at all. However, here's a guide on finding the Cube Assassin and how to defeat her.

Players who still need to find and defeat the Cube Assassin only have a few weeks left before the start of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1.

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The Cube Assassin is the new December Crew skin! She will arrive with an additional Style, Wrap, Back Bling, and Pickaxe.

The Cube Assassin Fortnite location

As mentioned before, the Cube Assassin in Fortnite cannot be found via traditional means. She doesn't spawn at any static location on the map like other Season 8 NPCs. The only way players can come across the Cube Assassin is by traveling inside a Sideways anomaly.

The Cube Assassin will only spawn, and not always, by activating a Sideways anomaly. These anomalies show up as purple rifts on the map, and are randomly distributed across the map each match. Once players approach a portal, a Sideways anomaly will open up, allowing players to battle waves of Cube Monsters.

If Fortnite fans are lucky enough they will find the Cube Assassin in there as well.

How to Defeat the Cube Assassin in Fortnite?

Once players locate the Cube Assassin, they will need to defeat her to activate her as an NPC when the Sideways Encounter is over. This counts towards a player's NPC collection, and she will also sell Cube Parts needed to upgrade Sideways weapons. Defeating her also allows players to unlock an additional Toona Fish style to purchase with Paint Drops.

Defeating her is no easy task. When faced with danger, the Cube Assassin creates a shield in front of her, blocking any incoming damage from in front of her. However, she still does have a weak spot behind her, so players can take this opportunity to attack her from behind without worrying about her minigun.

Rapid-fire weapons and shotguns are excellent for getting in close and shooting the Cube Assassin in the head while her shield is up, but she is still a tank and will take some time to take down. It is all worth it, though, as she will drop some good loot and provide an excellent source of Cube Parts if players have the Gold Bars to spend.

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