How to Block Hits Using a Lightsaber in Fortnite

Fortnite's big Star Wars-themed update, 20.30, is out now and you can jump into all the new content. On top of all of the Star Wars skins returning, alongside a new one, there are some Star Wars quests to complete. One of them asks you to block hits with a lightsaber, which also returns from previous iterations of the event. To help you out, we've put together a guide on how to block hits using a lightsaber in Fortnite.

Lightsabers are back as a melee weapon, so you can run around with them causing havoc as if you're Luke Skywalker or Kylo Ren. Below, we'll break down how to get lightsabers in Fortnite and what exactly you need to press to block enemy attacks.

If you're looking for more tips for the new Star Wars challenges, check out our breakdown of all of the quests and our hub on the new 20.30 update. May the force be with you in your quest to complete all of the new challenges.

How to Get Lightsabers in Fortnite

Unlike some of the other Star Wars-themed weapons, the lightsabers in Fortnite shouldn't be too difficult to get.

According to @Hypex on Twitter, "Lightsabers are set to be found via normal chests with a spawn rate." Just search any location around the map and you should be able to find one. You don't need to hunt for Stormtroopers like you do for other weapons - like the E-11 Blaster Rifle.

You should also be able to find them as dropped loot from downed enemies.

Whether you take the players out yourselves or clean up after another fight, searching dropped loot may be the easiest way to find lightsabers in Fortnite. However, since the Star Wars celebrations are quite significant, you shouldn't have any issues finding the weapons.

Now, you'll be able to actually start completing the challenges, more than one of which require you to have a lightsaber equipped.

To block bullets with a lightsaber in Fortnite, you need to take up a defensive position with the left trigger.
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How to Block Hits Using a Lightsaber

The challenge in question asks you to do the following:

  • Block hits using a Lightsaber (10)

Thankfully, blocking incoming enemy fire with a lightsaber is nice and simple. There are some limitations, but it should require pressing just one button.

To block hits using a lightsaber in Fortnite, you just need to press the aim button with the melee weapon equipped - so that's the L2/LT/ZL on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch respectively.

Doing so will put you in a defensive stance. If someone shoots at your head or torso, you should automatically block the hit with your lightsaber and trigger the mission.

However, provided the lightsabers work in the same fashion as they did for previous May 4 celebrations, you won't be able to block explosive damage or rockets.

Now that you know how to get lightsabers and block hits using a lightsaber in Fortnite, head out to complete the challenges and earn the exclusive banner as a reward before it's too late. And if you want to realistically wave the lightsaber around as you block bullets, turning on Fortnite gyro controls could be on way to inject a little more realism into the event.

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