The best Fortnite 1v1 map codes

Two Fortnite players in a gunfight
Credit: Fortnite

Two Fortnite players in a gunfight
Credit: Fortnite
October 2, 2023: We added more 1v1 map codes for you to try!

Fortnite often presents scenarios where a player finds themselves facing off in a 1v1 situation to see who is king or queen of the battle royale. Given how common this occurs for players, the team behind the game created a whole new game mode for players to sharpen their skills in a solo battle with another player. With this in mind, we'll give you the best Fortnite 1v1 map codes!

The best way to practice those clutch kills is by diving into a Creative map designed specifically for 1v1 scenarios. Given that there is a wide range of 1v1 maps available in Fortnite Creative, choosing the perfect one can be a bit confusing.

Two Fortnite players in a 1v1 scenario
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Credit: Fortnite
1v1 me, bro

Looking to hone your craft in Fortnite? We've also got codes for the best deathrun maps in the game so you can sharpen your skills on some of the most creative obstacle courses created by other players! On top of that, we've got everything you need to know about Chapter 4, Season 4's quests!

Best 1v1 Creative maps in Fortnite

Players around the world craft these maps for the enjoyment of their fellow gamers, so naturally there will be a ton to choose from and even more to come every day. As of this month, these are the best and most popular maps for 1v1 mode.

1v1 Map
BHE 1v1 Build Fights
1v1 Build Fights [4.6.4]
Pandvil Box Fight
Piece Control 1v1
Speed Realistics [1v1]
Solid Exotic vs 99 Bots Map
Music 1v1s & Practice
669 Clan Map Build Fight 0 Delai
1v1 Build Fights Pro
1v1 Realistic!
高性能 1v1
[Dude] 1v1 Build Fights
The promotional image for BHE 1v1 Build Fights Fortnite map
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Credit: Fortnite + BHE
BHE 1v1 Build Fights by BHE

BHE 1v1 Build Fights

This incredibly popular map has been a go-to for experts in building and combat. Set over a relatively small square battlefield, players are encouraged to test their speed-building skills by going 1-on-1 with another player in a mad dash to quickly construct a tower while engaging in combat with their opponent.

The map offers a cool galaxy background which can be toggled on and off and almost every weapon in the game is available here. With all the tools a player will ever need, it comes down to the best player winning.

To give this map a try, you'll need to enter the code 8064-7152-2934.

1v1 Build Fights [4.6.4]

Lovingly crafted and frequently updated by popular Fortnite player and Youtuber raider64, the appeal of the 1v1 Build Fights map is the community around it, as the creator and their followers have a reputation for being pretty good sports.

The promotional image for 1v1 Box Fights by Pandvil
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Credit: Fortnite + Pandvil
Box Fights by Pandvil

The map is simplistic in its nature, much like the BHE one above, which keeps the focus on what players coming to this map want - a space to showcase their building skills. The map has infinite build resets and you won't need to wait long for a matchup - the lobby is still a popular place to hang out.

You can join in the festivities of this map by using the code 1832-0431-4852.

Pandvil Box Fights (1v1)

Box fights are an entirely different kettle of fish in Fortnite as they, as the name would suggest, take place in a battle arena that is significantly limited in space. Players are tasked with doing the Fortnite equivalent of fighting in a phone booth and using their keen eye and lightning reflexes to eliminate their opponent first.

The box fights map by Pandvil is one of the best examples of this and keeps up to date with all of the latest Fortnite additions. You also have the option of choosing up to 4v4 team box fights, so there are plenty of options for those who like to flick between solo and team battles.

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To get involved in these box fights, make use of the code 0153-8328-7526

Piece Control 1v1

One of the more intense forms of the 1v1 game mode, Piece Control will require you to combine accuracy, speed, agility and lightning-fast building to come out on top.

The promotional image for morebeans' Speed Realistics Fornite 1v1 map
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Credit: Fortnite + morebeans
Speed Realistics by morebeans

In the popular map by bullseye, you will try to keep control of the battle arena by rapidly building "pieces" to gain the upper hand. At the same time, you'll be trying to best your opponent in the limited space offered by a boxfight. Small space, high speed, high stakes - what more could you want?

Test yourself against other Fortnite aficionados by using the code 8298-6891-9930.

Speed Realistics [1v1]

With an emphasis on speed in both the matchmaking process and in the battles themselves, the Speed Realistics maps are for the most eager players who want to spend less time waiting and more time engaged in a fierce battle. This map has a healthy player base, meaning you'll barely need to wait before you are matched up to someone of a similar skill level to you.

The premise of the Speed Realistics map is different to many others on the market and may be the next wave of popular game types for 1v1 players. The game begins with one player in the air and one person on the ground. The person on the ground has a five-second headstart on building before their opponent lands and the battle kicks off.

To give this one a try, punch in the code 0550-1651-3094.

How to use Fortnite map codes

If you've got a particular map that you'd like to try out, you'll need the map's code to get access to it. Entering the code and getting into a map is a relatively simple process.

When in the Play section of Creative mode, you'll need to select the corresponding button for the Change option. This will then ask you to select the server, whereby you'll select Play, then Island Code. It is there that you can enter the relevant code and be launched to the map associated with it.

Where can I find more 1v1 maps?

We'll do our darnedest to keep this article up to date with the best and most popular 1v1 maps in Fortnite! But if you want the absolute latest maps in the game, you'll want to keep tabs on the 1v1 section of the official Fortnite website.

That's all we've got at the moment for the best 1v1 Fortnite maps, but we'll be back with more! In the meantime, keep in the know about the game with our content, including all weapons in Chapter 4, Season 4, and our take on the best Fortnite-like games!

Originally written by Titas Khan, updated by Tim Lord on September 21, 2023.

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