The Best Fortnite 1v1 Map Codes (December 2021)

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Fortnite often presents scenarios where a player finds themself facing off in a 1v1 situation. Considering the build and edit mechanic of Fortnite, a player can often find themself on the losing end despite having superior gunplay. In order to perfect their builds and edits, players need to practice a fair bit before outplaying their enemy in 1v1 situations.

The best method to practice 1v1 situations in Fortnite is by diving into a Creative map designed specifically for 1v1 scenarios. Given that there is a wide range of 1v1 maps available in Fortnite Creative, choosing the perfect one can be a bit confusing.


Jumping into a custom 1v1 Creative map can also help players sharpen their skills for in-game box fights and building wars. Additionally, considering the fact that players can earn XP from the Creative Mode, spending some time in custom games, be it for fun or for practice, could be a really fun method of unlocking exclusive cosmetics from the Battle Pass.

Also, make sure to go through our series of guides for Fortnite Chapter 3. It's only a matter of days before the new chapter rolls into the game.

Nevertheless, let's dive in and take a look at some of the best 1v1 creative maps in Fortnite.

Best 1v1 Creative Maps in Fortnite

Advanced Portal 1v1 Map/FFA0645-0478-4359
Sniper One Shot6103-8566-5742
NoPhear Hub - 1v1 Buildfight & More0787-9348-6238
1v1 Four Worlds Race2777-7005-1170
Predator Invisibility Cloak Boxfight5981-8158-3485

Apart from 1v1 Maps, we have a bunch of other guides for Edit Course Maps, Prophunt Maps, Deathruns, and more. Makes sure to go through them in case you're looking for a different challenge in Fortnite Creative.

Keep reading for more info on each 1v1 Creative Map from our list, plus a youtube link so you can check out some gameplay.


#5. Advanced Portal 1v1 Map/FFA

One of the classic 1v1 maps in Fortnite, Advanced Portal 1v1 Map/FFA not only provides an extremely clean atmosphere for a 1v1 but also presents all the advanced options that players usually enjoy in Fortnite. On top of all this, the map also features multiple portals that allow players to pick up weapons, engage in fights, or simply observe.

The code required to join the Advanced Portal 1v1 Map/FFA in Fortnite Creative is,

  • 0645-0478-4359

#4. Sniper One Shot

Yet another classic 1v1 map in Fortnite from iconic map-maker Dux, Sniper One Shot is the optimal game mode for players to warm up their sniper trick-shots before jumping into the Battle Royale. Although the map features comparably short rounds, this mode is ideal for players who are looking to fine-tune their performance with a sniper.


In order to join the Sniper One Shot map in Fortnite Creative, players need to enter the following code,

  • 6103-8566-5742

#3. NoPhear Hub - 1v1 Buildfight & More

One of Fortnite Creative's most popular map-maker, NoPhear has created a plethora of maps since the game's release. However, one of their most notable creation is the NoPhear Hub creative map. On top of featuring a clean and compact look, this map presents the exact Fortnite experience for players who are trying to master their 1v1 skills.

The code required to join the NoPhear Hub - 1v1 Buildfight & More in Fortnite Creative is,

  • 0787-9348-6238

#2. 1v1 Four Worlds Race

Although the 1v1 Four Worlds Race is not a map where players can engage in combat, this mode features a unique 1v1 experience of Fortnite. As the name suggests, this creative map features a 1v1 vehicular race to determine which player is better at driving and handling vehicles in Fortnite.

The code required to join the 1v1 Four Worlds Race map in Fortnite Creative is,

  • 2777-7005-1170

#1. Predator Invisibility Cloak Boxfight

The Predator Invisibility Cloak Boxfight map in Fortnite Creative grants the Predator's cloaking device from Chapter 2 Season 5 to all the players. However, each player can use the device only once during a specific round. This makes for extremely exciting and crunch 1v1 fights. Needless to say, the cloaking device is an optimal tool for sneaking up on an unsuspecting enemy. However, the device can also be used to flee from your opponent when caught in a bad situation.

The code required to join the Predator Invisibility Cloak Boxfight is,

  • 5981-8158-3485


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