Fortnite Baller - Where to Find and Use the Baller

Fortnite Baller

Fortnite Baller

Fortnite is well known for consistently bringing out new events, updates and mechanics. Needless to say, it can be a little easy to get lost in all there is available. If you want to know all about the Fortnite Baller, our guide has you covered.

Simultaneously a weapon and a vehicle, it is equally good at mowing down enemies or being flung high in the air. This being said, it can be a little hard to work out at the start.

If you're playing the latest update and are looking for the best monitor for Fortnite, this is what you should know. If you already have a good setup and you're looking forward to the next Fortnite season, this is what you should know.

What is the Fortnite Baller?

The Fortnite Baller is a vehicle that has limited use but can be really powerful if used right. You can't recharge them so you may run out of juice but, in the right hands, you can swing from building to building and get into the circle with ease.

Making its return, there are a few weekly challenges based on this one.

The Baller in Fortnite
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How to Get the Baller in Fortnite

There are tonnes of ways of getting your hand on a Fortnite Baller. You can choose to steal one from an enemy while they loot or find them around the map. Generally, they are pretty easy to spot and common enough to find with relative ease. As you continue to loot a map, you should see it.

This being said, there is a weekly challenge involving using one over at Screwballer. Go there and you should find yourself a Baller. It has the added bonus of being right next to a challenge, too.

And if you see someone else riding around the track in a Baller, just shoot it. If they're eager for a battle, they'll have to roll on over to you, get out, and start a fight that way. If you can put them down (or outrun them) you'll be able to hop straight into their Baller and roll away.

How Does the Baller Grapple Gun Work?

The Fortnite Baller comes equipped with a grapple gun that allows you to pull off some cool tricks. Just use you rigth trigger to aim and the left trigger to shoot out what's basically a toilet plunger at a surface. Once it's stuck on, you'll be tied to that surface until you let go.

If it's far away, you'll be able to pull yourself up or around, gaining incredible speed at the same time. Use this speed to bash through buildings like a wrecking ball, smush enemies in your path, get around the map quickly, or make a great escape.

Paired with Fortnite Geysers nearby, there are loads of ways to get on a roll with the Fortnite Baller vehicle.

If you're currently playing the new season, you may want to check out the best monitors for Fortnite. Playing with the proper display is a great way to make a start with competitive play.

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