Fortnite Geysers - All Geyser Locations and How to Use Them

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Fortnite Geyser Locations

Fortnite is a pretty incredible game. Seeing hundreds of updates, events and crossovers come to the game over the last year, there are so many reasons to come back and play. If you're looking for the latest information on Fortnite Geysers, like where they are, what they do, and how to use them to clear the latest missions, read on. You're bound to learn a thing or two.

Fortnite Geysers are a great traversal tool that can get you across huge areas in a short amount of time. If you're looking for an excuse to get some nice air time and maybe a few cool kills, keep an eye out for geysers. Unfortunately, if you don't know where to look, they can be a little hard to find. Here's where they all are.

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All Fortnite Geyser Locations

As of right now, the geysers are almost entirely found in Reality Falls. With the latest update, the map has been changed somewhat and there's a bit of a focus on traversal. You can see this with the grapple hook baller.

You can actually combine geysers with the previous two to get across huge sections of the map in no time at all. It's like the cannons from the previous patch but a little more versatile.

You're in trouble if you're caught out by the storm in a different area, but if you need a quick escape from Reality Falls, a Baller and a geyser are all you need.

You can see all the locations above. Though it may change over time, they are all pretty close. This means that you may have some competition if you want to get those challenges done.

Fortnite Geysers
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How to Use Fortnite Geysers


You can stare at those Fornite geysers all day and you'll barely see a blip out of them. A sputter, maybe: but not enough to send into the sky. So how do they work?

To make the Fortnite geysers work, you just need to stand on them for a couple of seconds. They're not a rapid means of escape (you'll literally be a sitting duck if you're under fire already), but stand there long enough and you'll be sent high into the sky. Get your parachute out and glide around once you're up there.

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