All Upgrade Benches In Fortnite Season 7

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Season 7 of Fortnite has brought back the upgrade bench!

A mechanic that was previously removed back in Season 5, was replaced with NPCs that would upgrade weapons for you.

As part of the first set of weekly challenges, players must upgrade their weapons at an upgrade bench three times to grab 30,000 XP.

Here's how to find them.

All Upgrade Bench Locations In Fortnite Season 7

To upgrade a weapon, it needs to have an upgrade path. Meaning you can't upgrade certain weapons if they are at the maximum rarity.

When it comes to upgrading a weapon. It follows the simple system of using gold. All you need to do is approach a particular upgrade bench with the weapon you want to upgrade.

To upgrade a weapon effectively however, you'll need to have gold. And I must say, these upgrades are expensive.

The previous mechanic of visiting an NPC to upgrade your weapon does not exist anymore. That being said, the increased price for the upgrades and the lack of adequate methods of earning gold has made upgrading difficult.

I'd rather try my luck on the numerous chests that are present on the island. Moreover, if I really wanted legendaries and exotics, I'd rather loot them off NPCs.

Anyway, here's a map showing all the upgrade bench locations in Fortnite Season 7.

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  • Craggy Cliffs - Inside Sticks Restaurant
  • Catty Corner - The building exactly at the center of the POI
  • Camp Cod - Inside the warehouse by the southeaster shore
  • Compact Cars - Inside the periphery of the POI
  • Corny Complex - Inside the Farm building with the turbine
  • Dirty Docks - Inside the big building
  • Shanty Town - Beneath the wooden building by the seashore
  • Holly Hatchery - Inside the petrol station
  • Hydro 16 - Inside the small building close to POI
  • Durr Burger - Inside the POI
  • Risky Reels - behind the big building
  • Retail row - close to basketball court
  • Near the Dusted Depot
  • Sherrif's Office - At the porch
  • Steamy Stacks - The building right in the middle of the POI
  • Crashed Cargo - Near the seashore North of Holly Hatchery
  • Lighthouse - Near the small shack by the shoreline

Now you know where you need to visit in order to upgrade your weapon. Honestly, the upgrading mechanic was somewhat messed up in the Arena mode as well. And now, it's the same in the public mode too.

In order to make proper use of the upgrade mechanic, we'll need more ways to earn gold. Till that doesn't happen, may the RNG gods be in your favor.

However, since we're in week 13 of Fortnite, there's a particular challenge where you need to upgrade a weapon to Epic or Legendary.

Now, going all the way to legendary is the best way to do it, but it's going to be very expensive. So make sure you have all the gold that you need. If you don't, it's time to plunder and loot gold!


Have fun pirate!!

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