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For Honor Halloween Event 2021: When Does The Otherworld Event Start This Year?

For Honor launched in 2017 and whilst the community at large might be keen to see the developers at Ubisoft Montreal make For Honor 2, the fact is there's still plenty of life in the game.

Having just launched Season 2 of Year 5, the game has no intention of slowing down, and we can likely expect to see the game's customary Halloween event return too.

Quite what it will be called, we don't know, but it'll no doubt be another play on the '[Something] of the Otherworld' theme.

So when does the new For Honor Halloween event start? And what can we expect to see this year? Let's find out.

When Does The For Honor Halloween Event Start?

To get an idea of when we can expect to see the next Halloween event start and end in 2021, it makes sense to take a look at the previous events.

Here's a quick reminder of when they started and ended in past years:

  • Monsters of the Otherworld - October 22 until November 12, 2020
  • Fangs of the Otherworld - October 17 until November 1, 2019
  • Return of the Otherworld - October 25 until November 8, 2018
  • Feast of the Otherworld - October 19 until November 2 2017

As you can see, the game typically starts the Halloween event on the third week of October, lasting around two weeks.

Assuming the event follows the same pattern we can likely expect to see this year's Halloween Event start on October 21, 2021, potentially ending on November 4, 2021.

For Honor Halloween Event Screenshot of Pumpkins
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What To Expect From The New For Honor Halloween Event?


If the 2021 event looks to replicate the festivities of 2020 then we can likely expect to see the return of two monstrous event game modes, spooky Halloween-themed loot and soldiers dressed up as nightmarish monsters.

The two game modes that will likely return are

Endless March

"The dead have risen and they are looking to add you to their ranks! In this Dominion style mode skeletons are deadly foes who give massive points and capturing zones will only yield temporary points. Bash some bones and push the other team to break!"

Spooky Slashers

"Capture zones to gain a special boost. Use the boost to slay demons for points. Reach 1000 points to break and kill the enemy."

As with past events, jumping back in to play the game during the Halloween event will likely give you an automatic chance of unlocking Halloween-themed Otherworld bonuses through random drops at the end of all matches.

Typically Ubisoft also release the items from previous years’ celebrations which is great if you've only recently jumped into the game and want to earn some of the games oldest cosmetic items.

It might not all be old though, there's a good chance that the game adds some new unique event-exclusive items