Is Football Manager 2021 Coming To PS4?

Football Manager 2021 has finally been announced, and will be launching November 24.

While we're waiting for the full rundown of new features coming to the ridiculously addictive sports sim, we do know one big change coming this year - it's coming to Xbox.

The last time the franchise came to Microsoft's console was back in 2007, but what about PlayStation? 

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Is Football Manager 2021 Coming To PlayStation 4?

Like a star player handing in a transfer request, it's bad news all round.

Not only was PlayStation 4 not mentioned at all in the announcement, but there was no word of a PlayStation 5 version, either.

That's because Sony allegedly didn't provide the developers at Sports Interactive with development kits.

You can find out more here.

Check out the announcement trailer below:


"For the first time in over a decade, Football Manager returns to Xbox. Releasing before the end of the year, Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition is a specifically tailored version of the game – modelled on the popular Touch series – that has been fully customised for optimal performance with the Xbox controller," the press release from Sega reads.

"FM21 Xbox will be available from the Xbox Store and is a Play Anywhere digital title that allows players to play their save games across their Xbox console and any Windows 10 PC. The game will be available on Xbox One and the forthcoming next generation of Xbox consoles – Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X – and you pay just once to play across the Xbox ecosystem."

At least if you get it on Xbox, you'll get the PC version through the Windows, store, too.

The popular "Football Manager Touch" version of the game returns on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android, too, so at least you can play it portably.

Cheer up, PlayStation Nation - you've got some huge exclusives to look forward to.

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And then there's the megaton announcement that Final Fantasy XVI will be a PlayStation exclusive!

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