PS5 Pre-Orders Delayed: Some Pre-Orders May Not Arrive Until December According To Emails From Sony

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With PS5 pre-orders going live last week, a number of gamers were quick to jump on the opportunity and snag Sony's next-gen hardware.

However, while it seems they've secured their console, it may be a while before they actually get it.


That's right, more drama is unfolding in the PS5 vs Xbox Series X war.

According to an email sent out by Sony, the second shipment of systems won't make it out until December.

PS5 Orders Delayed?

It's been a less than ideal ride for the PlayStation 5, not only not having enough units to fulfil consumer needs, but releasing pre-orders in a disorganised manner.


Appearing at random times with little to no announcement, it was chaos for gamers to keep track of. It was so bad Sony even issued a public apology.

MP1st has reported that Sony is sending out emails to customers with information regarding two different batches of PS5 pre-orders.

Those who ordered as part of the first shipment will receive it "mid-November", while the consoles that are part of the second shipment will be sent out in December.

So even if you were part of the first wave orders you may not even receive it on time!


The PS5 is scheduled to arrive on the 12th of November in select countries - these include US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea.

The rest of the world, should it arrive on time, will receive the console on the 19th November.

While many might be more forgivable about this given the circumstances the world finds themselves in, if Microsoft can handle it with such poise and grace why can't Sony?

The Xbox Series X will launch on the 10th November 2020 worldwide with seemingly little hiccups or issues. Microsoft has really been leading the fight for the entirety of 2020 and it seems like Sony have been struggling to keep up the whole way.


If you haven't managed to order a console, the likelihood is that more will arrive closer to launch and even some units will be reserved for launch day; so not all is lost quite yet.

But with Christmas looming and so many hoping to get a new console under their trees, there's no doubt going to be many upset faces once the big day arrives.