Football Manager 2020: Release Date, Beta, Platforms, Price And More For FM20

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Football Manager 2020 is set for release this week, on November 19th, as we once again prepare to start a new cycle with FM20. The football management simulation video game, developed by Sports Interactive and published by SEGA, will allow players to pick from over 2000 clubs. This game features many new features and improvements to whet the appetite of aspiring bosses as they get set for another year of managing teams and developing wonderkids.

Here are all of the details for FM 2020.

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Realease Date

Football Manager in the past has typically released in the first week or two of November - however Football Manager 2020 will release on Tuesday 19th November 2019.

Last year, the game was made available a day early - this could happen once again.

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Beta & Early Access

The beta for Football Manager usually launches two weeks prior to release, which has been the case in recent years, meaning it willl release on the 5th November 2019. It's been confirmed a beta will arrive on the Steam page, but no time or date has been revealed.

At the moment, there is no way to get yourself an early copy of the game but by pre-ordering the game you can get early access through the beta, two weeks prior.

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Available Platforms

Football Manager 2020 will be available on PC and Mac OS via Steam as well as Google Stadia. FM19 has released on the Xbox Game Pass, so it is likely we will see FM20 make an appearance at some stage.

Football Manager 2020 Touch will come with the full version of FM20 for PC and Mac OS, as well as be available on the Nintendo Switch

Football Manager 2020 Mobile will be available on tablets and mobile phones via the app store.

Unfortunately for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users, the game will not feature on these consoles at launch. However, with the game being available on the Xbox Game Pass for PC we could potentially see it arrive on Xbox One at some stage.

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The price of Football Manager 2020 is currently retailing at £39.99, however if you pre-order before launch you can save some money and get a 10% discount (£35.99). It is possible to get this for cheaper, you can find out the best prices, discounts and places to buy here.

Two years ago Football Manager 2018 had seen an increase of £3, with Football Manager 2017 retailing at £34.99.

Football Manager 2020 Touch and Football Manager 2020 Mobile will be cheaper than the full game. Football Manager 2020 Touch currently costs £21.99 and is free if you buy the full game.

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Teams To Manage

One of the biggest questions players will ask when loading up FM 20 is who should I manage? Here are the teams we think you'll get great enjoyment out of playing. It's important to find a team that means something to you, to get the most out of the game and be in it for the long haul. If you're struggling to pick a team, try creating a challenge for yourself - the Brexit challenge (signing only players from the UK) is a great idea to get you started.

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Best Wonderkids

Any experienced Football Manager player will know just how important Wonderkids are to developing your team - they'll develop into superstars and hopefully save you money in the long run. Not every player turns into a world class footballer, it can vary from save to save and how they develop throughout their career. Here are some of the best wonderkids we expect to see in this year's game.

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Best Free Agents

When you start a new season in FM 20, you'll need to know who the best free agents are; in order to save some of your transfer budget. Here are the best free agents you can pick up on day one. It's important to note that these players are not necessarily the top crop, usually in their later years and good back up options for your club.

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Installing Face Packs, Kits, Badges

It's always nice to be able to match a face to the name of your wonderkids, as they lead your team to silverware. Due to licensing restrictions, not every player has a face and not every club has their kit/badge in the game - you will have to seek other methods to obtain these for PC. You can find out where to get these packs from and how to install them here.

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