Rumour: A New Fire Emblem Remake Is "Nearly Complete"

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A new Fire Emblem remake has reportedly almost finished development on Nintendo Switch. According to the latest rumours, having advised such a project was in development during May, reputable leaker Zippo has now told us this remake project is "nearly complete".

Alongside suggestions that Nintendo are planning a major multimedia push for Donkey Kong, Zippo reiterated previous discussions on this rumoured Fire Emblem remake. Though they're unsure which title is being focused on for latest entry, rumours point towards a Genealogy of the Holy War or The Binding Blade remake.


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Rumour: A New Fire Emblem Remake Is "Nearly Complete"

Previously stating that Koei Tecmo's working on a follow-up to Three Houses, this remake would "serve as a nice in-between title" from Intelligent Systems. This time though, Zippo advised:

Yes, this is very much happening. What I do not know currently is which Fire Emblem game is being remade. Fans seem to be split between either Genealogy of the Holy War, or The Burning Blade [sic, meant The Binding Blade]. Either would make sense, considering both titles have never seen an English language release. Again, I’ve been told once again that this is a game that is nearly complete, so I see Nintendo sitting on it until they’re good and ready to make [and when] I know more, I will make an update. Have some patience FE fans, you’re gonna be eating good before too long.

Nintendo's never been shy when it comes to Fire Emblem remakes, having previously remade the first three entries - Shadow Dragon, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, and New Mystery of the Emblem - across DS and 3DS. As Fire Emblem's fourth main entry, a Genealogy remake would seemingly be next in line, but until we get an official confirmation, that remains speculative.