Who The Last Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Character Might Be

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Who is the last Smash DLC fighter?

That’s the big question following Kazuya’s introduction to Smash Ultimate at the end of June, and it’s not given to easy answers.

Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai promised a reveal for the final character sometime before the end of the year, which gives us plenty of time to speculate — and speculate we shall.

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Sakurai and his team have defied expectation at almost every turn, so while there’s no telling if our picks are anywhere near the mark, here’s who we think it could be and who definitely won’t make the cut.

Who The Last Smash DLC Character Could Be


Waluigi - No

Absolutely not. Whatever injustice Waluigi suffered by being one of the only mainline Mario characters excluded from Smash Bros., adding him just doesn’t make sense.

For one thing, Waluigi has no major characteristics to build on.

He’s nefarious, but so is Wario. Wario also bites people and has chronic flatulence problems — problematic, but interesting, personality traits that make him a fun fighter.

So we’re left with Waluigi being tall and purple, which isn’t much of a foundation for an interesting fighting game moveset.

Toad or Toadette - Yes

Mario’s diminutive mushroom companions would, however, be good material for the last character.


They’re recognizable and pay homage to Nintendo’s most iconic series, and there’s plenty Sakurai’s team could do with the Mushroom Kingdom’s stalwart citizens.

Toads show up in nearly every Mario game, playing golf, racing cars, exploring space, and even hosting global parties.

In fact, there’s not much Toads can’t do. Including them would be a fitting tribute to Super Mario’s versatility and the recognition these patient, hardworking fungal friends deserve.

Geno - No

Sakurai’s shown remarkable resistance to fan pressure, and I’d be surprised if that changed with the last character.

Like Waluigi, Geno couldn’t bring much to the scene that other characters haven’t already done.

His projectile and energy attacks are similar to R.O.B. and Pikachu, among other current roster members, and there’s no need for an ally buff unless Smash Ultimate radically transforms its multiplayer, which it won’t.


Urbosa - Yes

Urbosa is another frequent fan request, but she makes more sense than Geno. If the last Smash Ultimate character does release in 2021, then Urbosa could be a final nod to the Zelda 35th anniversary, since Nintendo has no other plans to celebrate.

Her lightning powers make Urbosa a good counter to the game’s plain sword fighters, and if Age of Calamity showed us anything, it’s that Urbosa can use that single power in countless ways.

She’s even got a ready-made Final Smash in Vah Naboris, because who doesn't want to sweep the field with a massive electric camel?

DOOM Slayer - No

Popular rumors floating around before Nintendo’s E3 2021 presentation flagged DOOM Slayer as the next Smash Ultimate character.

However, we think it’s pretty unlikely the Slayer will make an appearance.


Most previous characters have some kind of significance to popular culture or Nintendo.

Steve/Alex represents the modern gaming behemoth that is Minecraft, while Hero is important to Nintendo’s RPG past and the genre’s evolution.

It’s impossible to have a fighting game without recognizing the likes of Tekken and Street Fighter, and Atlus just enjoys tormenting its fans — hence Joker in Smash.

DOOM is one of the least popular FPS franchises in Japan and while its presence on the Switch is impressive, it’s hardly a pillar of the system’s third-party library.

Monster Hunter - Yes

A monster hunter from Monster Hunter is a smart choice in several ways.

Monster Hunter flourished during the 3DS era, and while World might have reinvented the series, Rise proved demand for handheld Monster Hunter is still as strong as ever.

It’s something worth celebrating, plus the hunter would make a kickass Smash character.

There’s nearly endless possibilities for a hunter’s moveset. Heck, every directional move both special and normal could use a different weapon from the series, and the Final Smash could bring the fury of flagship monsters from throughout the series to bear on opponents.