Stranger of Paradise FF Origin is about the "Story of an Angry Man", explains Tetsuya Nomura

Square Enix director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed in an interview that he wants to tell an “angry man story” for the upcoming Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin on the PS5. The game’s promotional video and visuals match what Nomura’s planning for the upcoming title. Potentially, fans may see something fresh from Nomura's Stranger of Paradise FF Origin.

Story of an Angry Man

According to the official Square Enix site for this title, Nomura’s message states that he wanted to create a project that was about a “story of an angry man” and it shows on this game. The main character’s goal is to kill Chaos and will stop at nothing to fulfill this mission. Any monsters that stand in the three main cast’s way often die a violent death.

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Direction Departure

So far, the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin’s take on the franchise is currently unique right now. Most Final Fantasy titles often has fights between its characters but never to the point of brutalizing its characters. In the promotional reveal, the Warriors of Light often execute their enemies with a fatal blow reminiscent more of the earlier God of War entries from Sony.

In this violent direction, Nomura is backed with a development from Team Ninja who’ve also worked on Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Team Ninja is also no stranger from making violent executions as the Nioh series often rewarded its players with deadly finishes if they timed their attacks or parries well.

The Game So Far

As of now, the lead Warrior of Light, Jack, is hellbent on killing Chaos to the point that it could be his whole personality. In the trailer, Jack reveals that his desire to kill Chaos is more of a thirst he pursues rather than a hope or dream to happen. Out of all the Final Fantasy protagonists, Jack is inclined to darker motivations of simply taking the life of a known enemy in the game’s world.

Fortunately, his quest is joined by Ash and Jed who have more amicable personalities than Jack. Video game titles that have darker stories from the beginning often become melancholic in the long run. These two characters could provide a lighter tone as the players go on the adventure to finally kill Chaos in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.

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