Final Fantasy Origin's PS5 Demo Is Now Playable, Thanks To A New Patch

Updated - June 15, 2021

After a rocky start with Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin's demo, Square Enix has just released a new patch that fixes the previous corruption issues. Calling this Version 1.0.3, that's now live for all users. I've tested this myself and can confirm it's now fully accessible, as you can see below.

However, there's no word from Square Enix on whether it'll see extended availability due to these issues, considering it'll disappear on June 24, 2021. We'll keep you informed should that change.

Original - June 14, 2021

If you were hoping to play the PS5 demo for Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, we've got bad news. Having launched last night after their E3 presentation, Square Enix's newest Final Fantasy spin-off is already having teething issues and as it currently stands, no one can access it.

While Stranger of Paradise is planned to launch on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in 2022, this PS5 exclusive demo was supposed to be available until 24th June. However, given the current state of this launch, it's not unreasonable to assume plans may change.

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Final Fantasy Origin's PS5 Demo Releases With Data Corruption Errors

Upon accessing the demo, players have been met with an error screen, stating "Can't continue using this game or app. The data is corrupted. Delete it from your PS5, and then download it again from your library". However, redownloading isn't working either, and Square Enix has issued this statement.

While Origin didn't get the smoothest reception from fans upon its reveal last night, Square Enix may have been banking on this playable demo to swing things around. At Gfinity, we've confirmed the demo is still inaccessible this morning, but we'll keep you informed once it becomes available.

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