Final Fantasy Origin Demo Exclusive to PlayStation 5

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Square Enix announced Final Fantasy Origin during its E3 2021 presentation, and while the game doesn't release until 2022, there's a Final Fantasy Origin demo available until June 24.

The Final Fantasy Origin demo is only available on PlayStation 5, though the game itself will release on other platforms as well.


It's the first chance to see Team Ninja's and Koei Tecmo's take on Final Fantasy, and Tetsuya Nomura hopes you'll take that chance before making a judgement on the game.

The game's Twitter account posted a statement from Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura, where he said:

"Much of it is still shrouded in mystery, nonetheless this is an action game, so I suggest you play it to see what it’s like. The trial version will be released shortly for a limited time. I hope you enjoy it."

How to Play Final Fantasy Origin Demo

Once the demo goes live, all you need to do is download the Final Fantasy Origin demo on PSN.

Make sure you're signed into your PlayStation Network account, and proceed to download like you would for any other game.

If you're on Xbox, PC, or PlayStation 4, you'll have to wait for a later demo, if there is one, or until the game releases sometime in 2022.