How to Unlock Glamours in FFXIV Online

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Final Fantasy XIV is a complex game full of different activities to partake in, and you can tailor your experience according to your preferences whether you choose to engage in dungeons, PVP combat, or alternative game modes. Today we will talk about the many Glamours of Final Fantasy XIV, a useful cosmetic tool that you can use to dress however you want, and bring true fashion to Eorzea!


What are the Final Fantasy XIV Glamours?

The Glamour System allows you to transform the appearance of your gear into another gear. This transformation is merely aesthetic, with the stats of your equipped gear remaining unchanged. This allows you to take different appearances, like themed costumes or more casual clothing instead of armor. Glamours can be only applied over gear that shares the same or lower equipment level than the items you're using as glamour, as long as you're able to equip it with your current class or job.

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How to Unlock the Final Fantasy XIV Glamours?

Players need to be level 15 or higher to unlock Glamours, by completing the following quests:

If I Had a Glamour


Level Requirement: 15

Quest Giver: Swyrgeim - Western Thanalan (12.6, 14.3)

Unlocks: Glamours

Absolutely Glamourous

Level Requirement: 15

Quest Giver: Swyrgeim - Western Thanalan (12.6, 14.3)

Pre-Requisite: Completing "If I Had a Glamour"


Unlocks: Glamour Recipes

How to Use the Final Fantasy XIV Glamours?

Casting a Glamour

  • To cast a Glamour, you must possess a Glamour Prism per piece you want to transform, and the item that will provide the appearance on the inventory or Armoury chest.
  • Right-click on your gear, choose the "Cast Glamour" option, and you will see a list that can be filtered, and choose any option. Apply it, and your gear appearance will be transformed with whatever you choose.

You can independently transform piece by piece, or you can create a Glamour Plate, a loadout of sorts that can be more effective when you want to change your looks on the go.

Creating a Glamour Plate

  • Go to a Glamour Dresser in any Inn, and put in it any of the items that will provide the appearance.
  • Then click on "Edit Glamour Plates" and you can now assemble a whole set of items that will transform the appearance of the gear you have equipped.
  • Remember to save after you choose, and click on "Apply" to finally transform your character. The Glamour Plates will allow you to transform your entire ensemble, accessible from your character menu.

And that's all you need to know about the Final Fantasy XIV Glamours! While you're here, be sure to check our guide about the current event, Moogle Treasure Trove 2021. We also have an FFXIV Class roles guide, useful for both newcomers and seasoned players!