5 Things We Want to See from Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 has quite the burden to shoulder.

Not only is it following on from the original Final Fantasy 7’s best and most iconic moments, but it’s got the new narrative changes from Tetsuya Nomura and his team to contend with.

That said, it also has the potential to outshine Part 1 and develop some of the original game’s promising, but ultimately abandoned, features and plot points.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 is probably a ways off, but here’s what we hope to see when it does finally release - assuming it's still set in the same world.

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The Gold Saucer

Your first time through the Gold Saucer in original Final Fantasy 7 is a bit lackluster. That’s not for lack of things to do though. Chocobos! Gambling! Death duels! Everything you could want!

Except you end up zooming through it to reach the Corel sequence and Barret’s big story moment, meaning there’s not much going on in this first visit.

That’s a shame too. The Gold Saucer is your first real taste of life outside Midgar that doesn’t involve the boonies.

It should be big, loud, and garish, with no shortage of seedy characters and bigwigs alike. If nothing else, it’s a good chance to run into some more Shinra folk or people we met in Midgar during the first chapter and contrast the heavier plot points just on the horizon.


Speaking of the boonies, Square Enix needs to go big on Nibelheim when you finally make it back there, and not just because of the nostalgia in part one’s flashbacks. Nibehleim comes across as Shinra’s guinea pig.

There’s a Mako Reactor just outside the village, the town itself swarms with Jenova rejects, and there’s still the scars of Sephiroth’s attack to consider as well.

The narrative team needs to show us a broken village exploited by Shinra, left to struggle in the corporation’s wake as it, and Sephiroth, move on to other and more profitable projects.

It’s also a good opportunity to inject a bit of horror into the game and dial Shinra Mansion’s creepy factor up to 20.

Cosmo Canyon

Cosmo Canyon plays such a small role in the original game, despite the possibilities its lore holds for rich narrative moments.

This is one we suspect will get more attention in Remake for a few reasons. One is Avalanche.

Since Square Enix focused more on the enviro-terror group in both part one and Episode Yuffie, it makes sense to turn its origin story into a big deal in Cosmo Canyon.

The area and its people play a bigger role in Before Crisis as well, one that fits with Remake’s expanded versions of Red XIII and the Turks.

Cid and Shera

Cid and Shera’s relationship was crappy when the game first released and it holds up even worse now.

He might blame her for supposedly ruining his chances at getting into space, but that’s mostly displacement and taking advantage of someone else’s guilt complex.

Shera stayed behind doing prep work to make Cid’s dream come true. Had she left as ordered, the mission could have failed anyway or, even worse, Cid could have died. FF7 Remake Part 2 can keep their relationship awkward, but Cid should aim his hostility at Shinra instead.

They’re the reason his dream died, and developing a sub-theme of massive corporation squashing the dreams of its workers fits better with the Final Fantasy 7 ethos anyway.


There’s no telling how big FF7 Remake Part 2 will be, and we doubt it’ll include an actual visit to Wutai. However, there needs to be more of the ninja nation included anyway.

Episode Yuffie goes out of its way to build up the conflict between Midgar and Wutai, a conflict the original games only briefly deals with.

Not making the Wutai conflict a central point of some kind seems like a missed opportunity to add strong world building to what’s otherwise an adventure that lacks structure after leaving Midgar.

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