Final Fantasy VII Remake May Take Place In "Another World", Jessie's Future Also Teased

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Scenario designer Motomu Toriyama has offered a tease about Final Fantasy 7 Remake's story, tling us it might take place in "another world". Within the recently released "Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ultimania Plus" in Japan, one Twitter user, aitaikimochi, has been pouring through the details.

Translating details about the game, aitaikimochi, revealed an excerpt from Toriyama-san about Jessie and Biggs. If you've not played Final Fantasy 7 Remake yet, there are spoilers below, so you've been warned now.


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Final Fantasy VII Remake May Take Place In "Another World", Jessie's Future Also Teased

Asked about Jessie's bandana and gloves being laid out on the desk in the ending, Toriyama-san confirmed:

Well, we do see Biggs alive in the ending scene since he's physically shown. On the other hand, Jessie is not shown in the ending because we couldn't save her... or that's what you might think. If Biggs' life can be saved by some miracle, then that means other members could be saved too.
Perhaps Jessie might also be spared or not. An important theme of this story is “Loss.” If all characters you see are able to survive in the future, then perhaps that would be in a different world.

It's a pretty big hint at 7 Remake's future, which actively diverges from the original timeline in a self-aware manner. We've already witnessed multiple key differences, including the surprise return of Zack Fair, leaving nothing off the table. Hopefully we'll learn more solid details about Part 2 soon.