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FIFA 21: Olivier Giroud Player Moments Objectives How To Unlock FAST On Xbox Series X, PS5, PS4, Xbox One And PC

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So for a second week running, there is no major promotional release from EA.


We had hoped for a FUT Birthday return, however we'll have to wait at least another seven days before we see the annual promo in FIFA 21.

There is however, a brand new Objectives card to get stuck into.

Step forward Chelsea striker, Olivier Giroud.

Moments Olivier Giroud

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The French forward has been know for scoring some quite extraordinary goals during his career, and that has been recognised by EA.


This Player Moments card celebrates Giroud's 2017 Goal of the Year which he scored for Arsenal against Crystal Palace.

Here is everything you need to know.


This Moments Oliver Giroud card went live in FUT 21 at 6pm GMT on Friday, March 19.

You will have seven days to complete the required tasks, with the Objectives expiring at 6pm GMT on Friday, March 26.


This 90-rated Olivier Giroud looks like quite the striker, but what will you have to do in order to unlock him?

EA are sending you back to the FUT Friendlies menu once again - with a total of five objectives to complete, they are as follows:

  • SMART SETUP: Assist 2 goals from Crosses using LWs in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece.
  • PUSKAS PERFECTION: Score a Finesse goal in 3 separate matches using French players in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece
  • PREMIER CLASS: Score 10 goals using Premier League Forwards in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece
  • FRENCH FINERY: Win 8 matches with at least 2 French players in your starting squad in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece
  • SCORING WITH SIGNIFICANCE: Score in 15 separate matches using Premier League players in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece

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You'll have to complete these objectives in the Managerial Masterpiece mode, one which requires a maximum squad rating of 77 and a maximum of three silver players in your squad.

Our first piece of advice, try and spread the ratings as far as you can.

By this, we mean as much as it's tempting to try and squeeze one 87/88-rated striker up top and build a below-par squad around them, it's much more sensible to pack your squad with low-rated 80's and then stick a bunch of 75's on your bench.

Speaking of the bench, don't be afraid to use it. 

It's easy to neglect the bench seeing as the players on there won't be great, but a fresh pair of legs is still very important in those tight encounters.

Try and help each other out too. If you let your opponent score from a cross, they are likely to return the favour!


Player Review

EA have given out some rather underwhelming Objectives cards this year, this is not one of them.

84-rated pace is a sight we never thought we'd see with Giroud. Add 90-rated shooting and 89-rated physiciality into the mix and you've got yourself one hell of a forward.

Don't let this one go a miss.

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