FIFA 21: Ruben Neves Premier League Player II Objectives How To Unlock FAST On Xbox Series X, PS5, PS4, Xbox One And PC

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The second batch of League Objectives players are continuing to roll out.

Wolves midfielder Ruben Neves is the man selected to represent the Premier League this time around.


Here is absolutely everything you need to know,


This Ruben Neves card went live in Ultimate Team on Thursday, March 4 at 6pmGMT.

As of now, there is no listed expiry date for this Objectives player.


Base Stats: 499


In-Game Stats: 2429

Pace - 77

  • Acceleration: 80
  • Sprint Speed: 75

Shooting - 82

  • Positioning: 71
  • Finishing: 72
  • Shot Power: 94
  • Long Shots: 92
  • Volleys: 90
  • Penalties: 83

Passing - 90

  • Vision: 92
  • Crossing: 84
  • FK. Accuracy: 90
  • Short Passing: 92
  • Long Passing: 93
  • Curve: 91

Dribbling - 84

  • Agility: 71
  • Balance: 76
  • Reactions: 86
  • Ball Control: 89
  • Dribbling: 83
  • Composure: 91

Defending - 82

  • Interceptions: 89
  • Heading Accuracy: 61
  • Def. Awareness: 81
  • Standing Tackle: 87
  • Sliding Tackle: 81

Physicality - 84

  • Jumping: 74
  • Stamina: 90
  • Strength: 80
  • Aggression: 91


You'll have to complete a total of five objectives if you want to unlock the 89-rated Portuguese midfielder.

The requirements for the five are as follows:

  • Premier League Wins: Win 15 matches using only Premier League players in the Starting 11 in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece
  • Scoring Prowess: Score 30 goals using Premier League players in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece
  • Assist Kings: Assist 20 goals using Premier League players in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece
  • Premier Range: Assist from a Cross using Premier League players in 4 separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece
  • Feeling Finesse: Score a Finesse goal using Premier League players in 6 separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece

Objectives Tips

You'll have to complete these objectives in the Managerial Masterpiece mode, one which requires a maximum squad rating of 77 and a maximum of three silver players in your squad.


Our first piece of advice, try and spread the ratings as far as you can.

By this, we mean as much as it's tempting to try and squeeze one 87/88-rated striker up top and build a below-par squad around them, it's much more sensible to pack your squad with low-rated 80's and then stick a bunch of 75's on your bench.

Speaking of the bench, don't be afraid to use it. 

It's easy to neglect the bench seeing as the players on there won't be great, but a fresh pair of legs is still very important in those tight encounters.

Our last piece of advice, use wingers.

The 'Premier Range' objective will be the hardest, given the fact that crossing isn't awfully effective this year. Using wingers will maximise your chance of completing it as soon as possible.

Worth the Grind?

Without a doubt, you should be looking to complete this card.


It's incredibly well rounded, with the ability to play in an attacking or defensive role, whilst the 4* ratings for both weak foot and skill moves means you won't be let down in-game either.

We'd argue that this is the best League Objectives player of FIFA 21 so far.