FIFA 21 FUT Season 4: How To Level Up FAST And Get More XP To Complete Your Season Pass

Season 5 of FUT is kicking off in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team on the 26th of March, meaning you have a limited amount of time to finish your Season Progress.

But it can take some time to get the rewards you need, particularly if you're looking to claim one of those Storyline Cards!

So how can you level up fast and get more XP? Here's how to rank up your Season 4 Season Progress FAST!

Play Games

The easiest method is to play games...LOTS OF GAMES.

If you haven't got the time or drive to play some of the more serious modes, try online friendlies or even squad battles.

When paired with some of the objectives, you can quickly rack up XP in no time.

Complete Objectives

Completing objectives is undoubtedly the fastest way to accumulate XP, both SBC related and gameplay-related.

Usually, there are a handful of easy daily/weekly objectives that offer large chunks of XP.

There are also a lot of seasonal and lifetime objectives that will help you finish your season pass fast.

Play Even When You Don't Want To

If you're not feeling like playing the game properly, you can boot up some Squad Battles on beginner difficulty and put the controller down.

The computer will not tackle you and all you need to do is boot up game after game and cycle through the menus.

It's also a great way to complete objectives and earn rewards.

You can always quit out of games, you will still get XP at the expense of your record.

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