FIFA 21 FUT Season 4 LIVE: Release Date, Storyline Player Predictions, Icon Swaps Set 2 And All Predicted Content

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FUT Season 4 has kicked off in the next couple of weeks, as Season 3 draws to a close.

A whole new set of 30 levels to work through for storyline player rewards, packs and other items, as well as a new potential set of Icon Swaps to work towards!

So far, we haven’t heard any confirmation on when Icon Swaps Set 2 will kick off, however, given that it will likely run for 12 weeks like Icon Swaps Set 1, it’ll have to start soon, given that we’re expecting a third set to be released this year also.

Here’s all the news regarding FUT Season 4, Icon Swaps Set 2, and some predictions for next season’s level 30 storyline rewards.

FUT Season 4 Release Date

FUT Season 4 is now live and released on the 12th February 2021!

FUT Season 4 Storyline Player Predictions

As is the case with every FUT Season, we’ll be seeing 3 new Level 30 Storyline Players as well as 3 new Level 15 Storyline Players, allowing players to grind objectives for XP, to redeem one of three new options.

Level 15 Rewards

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Level 30 Rewards

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