FIFA 21: Best Icons To Use For Your Squad

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With Team of the Year coming to a close, it’s that time of the year where plenty of FUT players will be purchasing big upgrades to their teams after opening packs for TOTY, earning coins in the process.

With the Team of the Year split relatively evenly across the top 5 major leagues, Icons will be key in obtaining good chemistry in squads to link all these players together, so here are our top icon picks that you should look at picking up throughout Team of the Year!


We’ve provided options in defence, midfield and attack for 3 price tiers to try and cater for as many different coin totals as possible:

  • Cheaper Icons - Priced under 500,000 Coins (PS)
  • Medium Priced Icons - Priced between 500,000 and 1,500,000 Coins (PS)
  • Expensive Icons - Priced between 1,500,000 and 4,000,000 Coins (PS)

Here are the best Icons to grab for your team.

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Click the links to see the best icons to grab for your team:


Defender Icons To Add To Your Squad At TOTY

Having a strong backline is imperative this year, and while cheap options like Varane and Gomez are still strong, having icon defenders can be a real difference-maker this year.

Cheap Defender Icons

Starting off with our defenders under 500,000 coins, we have 2 options, 91 Fernando Hierro (SBC) and 88 Nemanja Vidic.

The Spaniard’s SBC comes in at under 500,000 coins from scratch and is a very usable CB option, with decent enough starting pace, 94+ in all defending attributes other than sliding tackles, and good work rates.


Vidic’s middle card is a solid tradeable option for around 300,000 coins, and is an absolute beast in the defence, with his 90 strength, 92 aggression and 94 defensive awareness, coupled with his 6’3” stocky build making him a very difficult defender to pass.

Medium Defender Icons

For our mid-priced Icons, we have 2 SBCs in 92 Cannavaro (SBC) and 91 Roberto Carlos (SBC), as well as 91 Blanc.

The two SBCs listed are both very good value and are some of the best in the position at this point in the game.

Cannavaro may be shorter than the average CB, but his agility and 95 defence really do shine when it comes to winning the ball back. Roberto Carlos, as you’d expect, is a real jack-of-all-trades player, and can be deployed in a back 4, on the left side of midfield, or even in CDM, so is definitely a versatile option to consider.

Laurent Blanc is a more expensive, tradeable option, but with nearly 80 pace, a 6’4” build alongside incredible defensive attributes, he’s one of the best CBs in the game currently for around 1 million coins.


Expensive Defender Icons

Finishing off our defensive-minded icons, we have 91 Desailly, 93 Carlos Alberto and 92 Maldini.

Desailly comes in at around 1.7m coins on PS, which may be considered to be a little on the pricier end for only a 91 rated CB icon, but with 83 pace, he’s a very difficult player to get past both on the break, but also when sat on the edge of his box.

Carlos Alberto may still be up there as one of the best RBs this year, challenging TOTY Trent Alexander-Arnold, especially in the defensive areas. Deployable as a CB as well, he’s a top option to consider for under 2 million coins.

Finally, when it comes to icon CBs, we all know how good Maldini is. His 92 middle icon comes in at around 2.1 million coins, a similar price to TOTY Sergio Ramos, and with similar pace and defending, plus icon links, he’s just as good an option.

Midfielder Icons To Add To Your Squad At TOTY

Games can be won and lost in the midfield they say, so adding some of these icons into the engine room of your team will certainly help you pick up some extra wins!


Cheap Midfielder Icons

Starting off with midfielders, we have 90 Pirlo, 90 Keane (SBC) and a more attacking option in 90 Bergkamp.

Firstly, Pirlo may not look like the best midfielder icon option, but with a Shadow or Hunter chemistry style applied to boost his pace and defending/shooting, he really does become a very good CM option, with his passing and dribbling being the standout.

Roy Keane’s SBC is certainly one to consider, coming in at under 450,000 coins from scratch. A top-level CDM that many say “fights for the badge,” he’s a brilliant option if you need chemistry links in a team.

A more attacking option, Bergkamp’s middle icon card is a very capable CAM, with 4* 4* as well as the Finesse Shot Trait and very well rounded technical stats for under 500,000 coins.

Medium Midfielder Icons

For our mid-priced midfielders, we have 4 options, including 85 Blanc, 91 Gerrard, 89 Lahm and 91 Kaka (SBC).


Many consider base Blanc to be one of the best CDM icons in the game this year for a respectable price, despite his somewhat average stats, with his 6’4” build in-game winning back possession on many occasions.

Prime Stevie G is easily one to consider for those of you that need a box to box CM. Simply apply a shadow to boost his pace and defending and he effectively has at least 84 in every single card stat!

Mid Lahm is a real fan favourite this year amongst some of the top pro players, having some of the best interceptions you’ll see this year. He really does read the game like no other CDM this year and is the reason why he’s still well over 1 million coins.

Finishing off our medium-priced midfielders, we have Prime Kaka’s SBC, who comes in at 1,400,000 coins from scratch. Easily the best icon SBC we have currently, his 5* skills and incredible passing, dribbling and shooting can’t be overlooked. Having completed him personally, I can confirm he’s well worth the investment.

Expensive Midfielder Icons

To top off our midfielder picks, we have 91 Matthaus, 91 Zidane and 88 Vieira.

All three of these midfielder icons have featured in top teams this year, and all offer you incredible options predominantly in CDM or CM positions.


Matthaus is possibly still one of the most well-rounded icons in FUT, being able to contribute in every area of the pitch, with Zidane also offering a similar level of talent in both defence and attack. 

Vieira, as many will know is a pure defensive god in FUT, and has been for a number of years now. His legs seem to just extend for miles when making a tackle or interception and is one of the real end-game options you can consider for a squad.

Attacker Icons To Add To Your Squad At TOTY

Attackers win games in football, here are some top level icon forward to consider adding to your squad around this time of the year.

Cheap Attacker Icons

First off, we have some cheaper options to consider, with 87 Hernandez, 91 Kluivert and 88 Overmars.

Hernandez is a ST that can get overlooked at times, but is still a very viable option, with great pace, 4* skills, a wicked shot and decent traits.


91 Kluivert is also a very reasonably priced prime icon, who may have slightly less agility/balance than desired, but can be an absolute brute on the attack, make sure to take advantage of his 6’2” frame and 92 heading accuracy!

Finally, we have a pacey winger option in 88 Overmars, who’s 5* weak foot comes in very handy on the attack, as well as, obviously his 95 pace.

Medium Attacker Icons

For our mid-priced attackers, we look at 90 Butragueno, 92 Del Piero and 90 Dalglish

Having used 90 Butragueno this year, we can confirm that he’s well worth his 1,400,000 price tag. Being 5’6”, his dribbling feels dialled up even more than his 91 rating suggests, and with 5* weak foot, he’s a major threat in and around the box.

Prime Del Piero is a brilliant option to deploy as a ST or as a slightly deeper CAM this year, thanks to his playmaking abilities. With 5* weak foot and incredible finishing abilities, he’s another player that will grab you a tonne of goals.

Finally, we have Kenny Dalglish’s 90 card, another 5* weak foot option who many agree to be absolutely broken this year. With a Hunter added to boost his pace a little further, you won’t find many better attackers for under 1.5 million coins.


Expensive Attacker Icons

Finishing off our attackers, we have 4 incredible options, with 92 Garrincha, 89 Cruyff, 94 Puskas and 92 Eto’o.

The only winger option of our top attacker picks is Garrincha, who despite being set as a RW, would be best deployed centrally. With his 5* skills and dribbling being the main attraction, you’ll be able to create so much with this card, he’s a true attacking threat.

Cruyff is one of the most popular base icons this year, especially in attack, and can be used as a ST or CAM, taking advantage of his 5* skills and weak foot combo. 

Puskas is one of the new icons this year, and his prime card may have some of the most lethal shooting you’ll find this year, with 98 positioning, 97 finishing, 96 shot power and 95 long shots, with tonnes of top traits too!

Rounding off our attacker picks, we have none other than Prime Eto’o. Valued at 3,9000,000 coins, he’s certainly not cheap, but his 95 pace, 93 shooting, 4* skills and weak foot, and 90 dribbling combine to make him one of the best icons this year. He will make any attack one to be feared!