FIFA 21 Icon Swaps 1 Review: What Should I Do With My Tokens? All Rewards And The Best Way To Use Your Tokens

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Icon Swaps Set 1 has been officially released into FIFA 21 Ultimate Team at the start of the Freeze promotion, giving you a chance to earn up to 6 icons for free through gameplay objectives, as well as a whole host of other packs and rewards.

Here are all the available rewards you can get in Icon Swaps Set 1, as well as the best possible combinations and ways you can spend your 18 possible tokens.

To view all the Objectives you’ll have to complete, you can check out our Icon Swaps Set 1 News piece, with all the latest updates.

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Icon Swaps Set 1 Rewards Confirmed

The first Icon Swaps Set of the year has been released, with 6 icons available to work towards, and a number of pack rewards available to complete!

  • 2 Tokens - 2x Ultimate Packs
  • 3 Tokens - 85+ x5 Pack
  • 5 Tokens - 83+ x25 Pack
  • 7 Tokens - 85 Nemanja Vidic
  • 8 Tokens - Base Icon Pack
  • 9 Tokens - 89 Gheorghe Hagi
  • 10 Tokens - Base OR Mid Icon Pack
  • 11 Tokens - 87 Davor Suker
  • 12 Tokens - Mid Icon Pack
  • 13 Tokens - 91 Ronald Koeman
  • 14 Tokens - 90 Frank Rijkaard
  • 15 Tokens - Mid OR Prime Icon Pack
  • 16 Tokens - 89+ Mid Icon Pack
  • 17 Tokens - Base Icon Player Pick of 3
  • 17 Tokens - 90 Thierry Henry

Icon Swaps Set 1 Icons - Who To Take?

Unfortunately for Icon Swap Set 1, the icons on offer aren’t really the most game-breaking set whatsoever and we’d recommend steering clear of the guaranteed icons in favour of other Icon Packs or the lower token value packs.

With 90 Henry the ‘best’ available card at a whopping 17 tokens, meaning you’ll have to sacrifice all other rewards to get him, you really have to consider how valuable these icons will be to your team.

Sure, for free, a 90 Henry may fit well into a high-level team, with good pace, skills, lethal finishing ability and useful traits, but for 17 tokens, you can get a good balance of other rewards and a chance at a better icon through one of the several icon packs!

As far as the other rewards go, we’d recommend staying clear of the two Dutchman 90 Rijkaard and 91 Koeman for 14 and 13 tokens respectively.


While they’re both decent players, by the time they’re attainable, better icons may be available through SBCs, and you’ll likely have a better chance of getting something more usable through the various icon packs for fewer tokens.

On the lower end of the icon selection, 87 Suker and 85 Vidic look like decent little additions for around half the total token allocation and would add decent value to a team, while allowing you to still work towards other high-value pack rewards.

Best Combination Of Rewards To Spend Your Tokens On

In our opinion, the big value from Icon Swaps Set 1 definitely comes from the pack rewards at the lower end.

With 18 Tokens, you’ll be able to obtain 2x 125k Ultimate Packs (2 Tokens), 85+ 5x Pack (3 Tokens), 83+ 25x Pack (5 Tokens) AND a Base Icon Pack (8 Tokens).

With Team of the Year on the horizon, coming in early January, these packs could offer some seriously high chances at packing some of these blue cards, and at worst will give you some useful SBC fodder that you can put towards some Icon SBCs or other SBC cards released at the time!