Path to Glory Upgrade Tracker FIFA 21: Festival of FUTball, Team 1 & 2 Confirmed Upgrades, Requirements, Fixtures & Dates Explained

The Festival of FUTball has begun!

The latest FIFA promotion, which features around the international stage, has landed in Ultimate Team, as has the Path to Glory feature.

Upgrades are on the cards, but which players look most likely to pick up those all important wins?

Keep track of all their progress right here.

Path to Glory Requirements

The Path to Glory has made its way back to FIFA 21, joining the Festival of FUTball promotion.

As confirmed by EA, players will be eligable for some huge upgrades throughout their international summer, with the potential for some 95, 96 or possibly even 97-rated cards!

Players will be tasked with winning a total of six games in order to hit their maximum rating, an example of how the upgrades will work can be seen below.

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So who's in contention for those big ratings boosts? Let's find out...

Team 1

Team 1 of the Path to Glory promotion was released on Friday, June 11th.

The full squad can be found below:

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Kai Havertz and Antoine Griezmann lead the way in terms of ratings, with both capable of reaching a 99 OVR should their respective countries win six games throughout Euro 2020.

As far as Copa America goes, it's Argentian centre midfielder Acuna who leads the way witha cool 94 OVR. 98 is the peak for the Argentine.

But how are the players getting on so far?

Team 1 Upgrade Tracker

Let's take a look at how the stars are faring in their quest for upgrades!

Confirmed Upgrades

Three memebers of the Team 1 setup have picked up their first upgrade of the tournament.

  • Thorgan Hazard (90-92)
  • Mattijs de Ligt (94-96)
  • Marco Verratti (94-96)
  • Alessandro Florenzi SBC (91-93)


Sadly where there are winners, there must be losers.

The following players have been eliminated from their respective tournaments and thus, will not be receiving any upgrades this summer.

  • Yusuf Yazici (92 OVR)
  • Aleksandr Golovin (90 OVR)

Be sure to keep an eye on Gfinity for everything you need to know as the international stars continue their quest for an upgrade.

Team 2

Team 2 of the Path to Glory promotion was released on Friday, June 18th.

The full squad for the second batch of players can be seen below:

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Three 95-rated players begin their quest for a 99 OVR in the form of Eden Hazard, Roberto Firmino and Paul Pogba. Though like the Team 1 release, there isn't really a bad card in the squad.

But how are the players getting on so far?

Team 2 Upgrade Tracker

Here is how the second batch of stars are getting on as they hunt for a ratings boost.

Confirmed Upgrades

Team 1 isn't the only side racking in the upgrades, two memebers of the Team 2 squad have also seen their ratings increased.

  • Eden Hazard (95-97)
  • Georginio Wijnaldum (93-95)


As of today, no players from Team 2 have been eliminated from their respective competitions.

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