FIFA 21 Freeze Promo Event LIVE: FUT Freeze Squad Players, Release Date, Cards, Challenge SBC, Schedule And Everything You Need To Know

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The next big event in FIFA 21's Ultimate Team was meant to be FUTMAS, but it might be replaced by a new event called 'Freeze'.

FUTMAS is a real fan favourite event that sees EA release dozens of Freeze Player SBCs throughout the course of the promotion, with some enticing options available to complete.

We'll also be getting Icon Swaps with this new promo event.

It's a real opportunity for players who may not get a special card anytime soon to grab one.

Here's everything we know about Freeze in FIFA 21.

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Latest News

FUT Freeze Team - 11th December

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New Packs? - 11th December

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Card Design - 11th December

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Icon Swaps Content Confirmed - 11th December

Along with special packs, players will get to earn a choice of six Icons.

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Freeze Content Confirmed - 10th December

It looks like FUT Freeze will bring a lot of familiar content to the festive promo including:

  • FUT Freeze Team
  • Daily player SBCs
  • Daily Puzzle SBCs
  • Icon Swaps 1
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Freeze Release Date

Freeze should start on Friday 11th December, lasting for around 2 weeks in the build-up to Christmas.

Last year, we saw FUTMAS released on Friday December 13th, the 2nd Friday of the month, so a release around the 11th December 2021 would coincide with the typical release schedule.

What Is Freeze?

In short, Freeze is a promotion that is themed heavily around special themed Player SBCs that are released for 24 hour periods every day for around 2 weeks, featuring a number of desirable cards.

There's already an existing promo in FIFA Mobile that offers players unique players and the chance to unlock rewards.

Freeze Player SBCs

The biggest draw of the Freeze Event is, without doubt, the recurring Player SBCs that are released every day of the promo.

2 Freeze Themed SBCs will be released every day during the event for 24 hours, meaning you’ll have to think fast as to whether you want to complete an SBC, or let it pass.

In recent years, the themes of Freeze SBCs have been surrounding:

  1. Nation Rankings
  2. Team Positions in the season prior, so for this year, Freeze will be themed around league finishes from the 2019/20 campaign.

For example, on Day 1 of Freeze in FIFA 20, we had an SBC for a player from a team that finished 12th in the league in the season prior, and a Belgian, being ranked the best nation at the time (1st). On Day 2 of Freeze, we had an SBC for a player from a team that finished 11th, and a player from the nation ranked 2nd at the time, and so on.

Be sure to check back soon for our full Freeze predictions!

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Freeze Expected Content

Aside from the Freeze Player SBC content, there’s still plenty to expect from this festive promo

  • Team of the Year Nominees
  • Freeze Objectives
  • Upgrade SBCs
  • Freeze Challenge SBCs

Team of the Year Nominees

Last year, for the first time in FUT, we saw TOTY Nominees released during the Freeze event as voting for the TOTY commenced.

This saw 55 players released with special TOTY nominee cards with a +1 boost on their base items, bringing the hype for TOTY throughout December.

Freeze Objectives 

Expect objectives to feature yet again in the Freeze promotion in FUT 21, with Freeze players being featured for completing gameplay objectives, likely in the Live FUT Friendlies tabs. Last year we saw the likes of Gbamin, Roussillon and Boulaya receiving Freeze cards in objectives, so it’ll be interesting to see who we get this year.

Upgrade SBCs

Last year during Freeze we saw both an 82-88 and 83+ SBC released throughout the event, allowing players to grind towards some cards to stock clubs for completing all the Freeze Player SBCs that were released. We expect similar SBCs to be released this year to stock those clubs with SBC fodder.

Freeze Challenge SBCs

As is the way with a big promotion, expect to see some Freeze Challenge SBCs for general pack rewards released throughout the event, themed around players, teams or nations that have been popular in previous years.

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