FIFA 20 Ultimate Team FUTMAS Promotion: Release Date, Predictions, Investments To Make And Content To Expect

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To celebrate Christmas, during the month of December FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, will receive one of the best promos of FUT calendar - FIFA’s festive FUTMAS promotion is set to bring some

FUTMAS is an opportunity for FUT 20 to have some fun with special cards and give some players a chance to shine in the meta, that normally aren't very lucrative. If few cards have taken your fancy up to this point, the likelihood is something will catch your eye this month.

This article will cover all of the content that you can expect to see during the FUTMAS Promo:

  • Daily FUTMAS Player SBCs
  • Pack SBCs
  • FUTMAS Season Objectives
  • Pack Offers

I’ll also discuss ways you can invest for FUTMAS Player SBCs, allowing you to make a tonne of coins throughout the promotion.

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When is FUTMAS on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team?

This year in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, FUTMAS launched on Friday, December 13th and should last for 12 days; running up to Christmas Eve. Last year in FIFA 19, FUTMAS dropped on Friday December 14th, so the dates coincide pretty much exactly.

FUTMAS Countdown

With FUTMAS underway, you can take a look at our coverage of the FUTMAS countdown below:


Be sure to check the website every day at 7pm for the latest FUTMAS content!


The biggest part of the FUTMAS Promotion for the majority of the FUT Community are the daily FUTMAS Player SBCs.

Every year, we have a daily countdown of Player SBCs, with 3 Players released every day into SBCs for 24 hours, with various requirements. Last year, the countdown lasted for 11 days, from the start of the promotion, until Christmas Eve on December 24th. Every day, the 3 player SBCs are themed around the number of the countdown, day 1 starting on number 11, day 2 around number 10, and so on, until we finish on number 1.


Around the number of the countdown, 3 different SBCs are released:

  • Shirt Numbers
  • Positions finished in the top 5 leagues in the season prior (i.e. 2018/19 Season)
  • National Team Global Rankings

For example, last in FUTMAS, on Day 1 of the 11-day countdown, we had:

  • Wilfried Zaha - Crystal Palace - 11th place in the 2017/18 Premier League season
  • Lucas Torreira - Arsenal - Torreira wears the #11 shirt
  • Alejandro Gomez - Atalanta - Argentina was ranked 11th in the global rankings at the time.

Below you can find a graphic showing all the clubs and nationalities we can expect to feature in SBCs in this years’ FUTMAS promotion.

FUTMAS SBC Investments

With FUTMAS being such a key part of the year for Player SBCs, there are definitely some investments that you can look to make for the promotion, to both make coins, or complete Player SBCs for cheaper.

SBC Fodder

Being such an SBC heavy promotion, with 3 player SBCs every day for nearly 2 weeks, SBC fodder (i.e. 83+ Rated cards) will likely do well over the promotion if we get some good meta cards released throughout the countdown.


To stay safe, don’t just go for the cheapest cards per rating, as these will get heavily over-invested, look at top nations and leagues to allow for a high chemistry requirement.


Link Investments

Meta players that link to the new FUTMAS SBC Players will be a great area to make quick coins throughout the FUTMAS Promo. As people complete desirable FUTMAS Player SBCs, they’ll put them into their team and will need to link them to get chemistry. Finding other desirable players that strong link should see them rise nicely in value as people get them into teams.

Substitute Trading

Substitute trading is a great way to take advantage of fluctuations during the FUTMAS Promotion. Say for example on day 1 we get a Marco Reus SBC, released for 24 hours. Being a desirable CAM in the Bundesliga, people may look to sell their current Bundesliga CAMs, e.g. Scream Sabitzer/Scream Muller to get Reus, causing them to fall in price. However, as Reus is only available in SBCs for 24 hours, once he expires, and is no longer available, you may see the likes of Muller/Sabitzer start to rise, now being the only available cards to buy. Use this idea during the FUTMAS promo and you can make a tonne of coins!



Similar to Black Friday, we should expect a number of pack SBCs during the FUTMAS Promotion. I’d expect a number of these to be released, offering great pack rewards for relatively cheap, allowing casual players to get a chance at some of the top players in packs.


FUTMAS Season Objectives

As with most promotions, expect to see a number of Season Objectives released during FUTMAS. I would expect a FUTMAS Player Objective, Kit Objectives, as well as other objectives for XP and pack rewards.

Promo Packs and Lightning Rounds

Being a FUT Promotion, expect packs to be sold throughout, and a few lightning rounds around the tail end of the promotion as we near Christmas. Obviously packs aren’t going to be as much of a focus as Black Friday, so don’t expect as much market panic or dips.

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Written ByMatt Thomas@MattFUTTrading