FIFA 21 FIFA Points Guide: How To Transfer Points, Prices, Discounts, Free Points And Everything You Need To Know On Xbox One, PS4 And PC

FIFA Points make the Ultimate Team world go round.

This in-game currency allows players to open packs in the hope to bag some of the highest-rated players and more lucrative icons in the game.

FIFA 21 isn't fair off now and you'll want to get yourself ready for the new season ahead by loading up on points.

You can prepare yourself early to enjoy the benefits during early access and on launch.

Here's what you need to know about FIFA 21 Ultimate Team's FIFA Points.

FIFA 21 FIFA Points Prices

We expect the price of FIFA points to remain the same this season:

  • 100 FIFA Points - £0.79
  • 250 FIFA Points - £1.99
  • 500 FIFA Points - £3.99
  • 750 FIFA Points - £5.99
  • 1050 FIFA Points - £7.99
  • 1600 FIFA Points - £11.99
  • 2200 FIFA Points - £15.99
  • 4600 FIFA Points - £31.99
  • 7200 FIFA Points - £79.99

Be sure to buy your FIFA points here!

What Are FIFA Points?

For those that are newer to FIFA and FUT, FIFA Points are the main microtransaction that’s available in FIFA Ultimate Team, allowing users to spend money on virtual currency that is used to open various packs in FUT, containing players, consumables and other club management items.

The criticism in recent months and years has been that FIFA Points are very overpriced for the value that you get back, people can spend hundreds of £/$ and not receive a walkout, as well as taking only 3-5 clicks to spend heavy sums on, which is a PEGI 3 title is concerning.

While it’s clear that FIFA Points do require some form of regulation going forward, perhaps in the form of a higher age rating for FIFA or the FUT portion of the title, changes in the odds and drop rates, price changes or simply removed from the game, at the beginning of a new FUT, FIFA Points can be beneficial.

Benefits of FIFA Points Early in FUT 21

If there’s ever a time to spend FIFA Points in FIFA Ultimate Team, it’s in the very early stages of the new FIFA. There are several reasons for this:

Best Value - Big Early Coin Boost

At the start of the year, given that every user is starting with a new club, with no players in, even low rated players are worth a good amount at the start of a new FIFA. Take Wilfried Zaha for example, a standard 83 rated card, was worth over 30,000 coins in the first week of FIFA 20.

With the sky-high player prices at the start of FUT as everyone rushes to make a competitive team, FIFA Points are the most valuable as they’ll ever be, and can give you a great head start if you can pack someone half-decent.


A big reason why a lot of people like to spend FIFA Points early is that it allows you to stock the club up for a considerable portion of the year with all kinds of useful consumables. Contracts, Squad Fitnesses and Position Change cards can all be very useful things to stock up in the early days of FUT so you don’t have to worry about them later in the year.

Draft Entries

If you’re a higher level player, FUT Draft is a brilliant place to spend FIFA Points early on. Paying 300 FIFA Points for entry is so worthwhile if you can secure at least a third-round or even a draft win, as the packs you’ll get back in return will greatly exceed the value you put in.

For reference, even the worst rewards you can get from winning a FUT draft equate to over 3x the entry fee!

FIFA 21 FIFA Points Discounts

Given that FIFA Points can be rather costly, you’ll definitely want to look at getting some discounts through various means if you can, and there are a couple of ways you can do this!

Purchase Through EA Access

For those that purchase EA Access, you’ll not only receive a 10 hour period of early access to the full FIFA 21 game, but you’ll also have a 10% discount on all other transactions, including FIFA Point purchases, but also purchases of the full game!

PSN/Xbox Card Vouchers

There are plenty of ways in which you can get slightly discounted PSN/Xbox cards and vouchers online, so make sure to do your research and shop around!

Transferring FIFA Points Between FIFA 20 and FIFA 21

Every year, for the first time logging into the new FUT on the console, if you have FIFA Points outstanding on the previous edition of the game, you have the one-time option to transfer those points onto the new game.

This is especially useful if you’ve previously purchased FIFA Points on the older edition of the game, perhaps in preparation for the new season, or have them leftover for whatever reason.

This can only be done once you have a copy of FIFA 21. Once you load up FIFA 21 Ultimate Team for this first time on a console with FIFA 20 data on it, you will be asked if you want to transfer any FIFA points over. Simply hit 'yes' and you will pull them all forward.

Again, @EAFIFADirect has confirmed this feature will return.

A few things to note:

  • You can only transfer FIFA Points between games on the console. You can’t transfer FIFA Points between 20 and 21 via the web app or companion apps.
  • You can only transfer between games on the same console. You can’t transfer FIFA Points from FIFA 20 on PS4 to FIFA 21 on Xbox etc.
  • The transfer is one-way and irreversible. You can only transfer once from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21, you can’t transfer points from FIFA 21 to FIFA 20.
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