FIFA 20 FUT Season 5: Release Dates & Expected Rewards

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With the 4th official season of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Season Rewards coming to an end this Friday at 6pm, let’s take a look at all the expected rewards and content coming this Friday, in the 5th new season of FUT rewards.

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FUT Season 5 Storyline Cards

  • 89 Fred
  • 89 Belotti
  • 89 Carrasco

FUT Season 5 Release Date

With FUT Season 4 coming to an end this Friday, FUT Season 5 will begin immediately after, on Friday March 13th at 6pm UK. 


Icon Swap Set 3

With it already being confirmed that Icon Swap Set 3 will arrive during the FUT Player Days promotion that is currently ongoing in FUT, it’s highly likely that this will drop on Friday alongside FUT Season 5 as well.

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FUT Season 5 Expected Rewards

As with all the FUT Seasons, we should be expecting to see a tonne of rewards available during the next set of season rewards, including:

  • Loan Icons
  • Untradeable Packs
  • Tifos, Stadium Themes, Badges, Balls and other club customisation items
  • Storyline Players