FIFA 20: Riquelme Icon LEAKED In FUT

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It appears a new Icon is coming to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team and one that has been on the wishlist for a while - Riquelme.

While we wait for the next promotional event, likely to be FUT Carniball, this is a nice surprise to celebrate CONMEBOL Libertadores.

This is the first time EA will introduce a brand new icon that has not originally been listed at the start of the game.

Release Date

Given that EA tweeted the post earlier today, we're expecting it to arrive about 6pm today - this is when most content in FUT arrives.

This appears to be part of the CONMEBOL Libertadores DLC arriving today on PS 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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What Rating Is Riquelme In FIFA 20?

Juan Roman Riquelme can be found on the FUT database. So far there is on a 91 and 92 rated card.

His Prime Icon appears to be 91 and it can be assumed he will get a 92 rated Prime Icon Moments card.

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