Far Cry 6 Is 30fps on Last-Gen Consoles and Stadia, Ubisoft Confirms

Far Cry 6 will run at 30FPS on last-gen consoles and Google Stadia Ubisoft has confirmed.

Speaking to Gfinityesports.com, Ubisoft's Benjamin Hall, World Director on the project, revealed the team has pushed for the best possible experience on last-gen consoles and Stadia, but the game will ultimately not run at 60FPS on either platform.

"Throughout development, our objective has been to make the most out of the new generation of consoles, while ensuring it wouldn’t be at the expense of other platforms or previous-gen hardware,” said Hall.

“The team have put in a tremendous amount of effort to ensure each platform has the best possible experience we can deliver, with next-gen consoles achieving 60 FPS at 4K, and 30 FPS on Stadia and older consoles.”

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Despite boasting a vast and detailed world, Far Cry 6 is quite capable of running on lower-powered hardware. In fact, minimum PC settings reveal a modest 4GB of video memory is required to run the game – so don’t replace your old GTX 960 just yet.

For those after Ray Tracing and 4K resolution, you’ll likely need an Nvidia 3070 with 8GB of memory to enjoy Yara in all its glory.

"We have an amazing programming team," Hall added "[they've] worked to tweak all aspects of Dunia 2 engine to squeeze as much performance as possible out of lower spec machines, while at the same time offering some cutting-edge features on high-end machines and next-gen consoles".

Far Cry 6 releases on October 7 on last-gen [PS4/Xbox One], current-gen [PS5/Xbox Series X], PC and Google Stadia.

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