Is Far Cry 6 Coming To Google Stadia?

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Far Cry 6 is scheduled to be released this October 7, 2021, and the sixth main installment for the renowned first-person shooter series of games by Ubisoft is already making noise from the gaming community.

The game will be available for a ton of platforms which includes the fast-rising game streaming services which have seen an increase in demand especially when the coronavirus pandemic began.

But will the game be available for Google Stadia? Keep reading to know more.

Is Far Cry 6 Coming To Google Stadia?

Yes, Far Cry 6 will be coming to the Google Stadia!

Ubisoft included Google Stadia in the many platforms they intend to launch Far Cry 6 on.

The list of platforms also includes another game streaming service in the form of Amazon Luna, as well as for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows platforms.

Far Cry 6 Official Trailer

You may check out the official trailer for Far Cry 6 below:

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