Far Cry 6 Players Are Being Heckled by El Presidente for Quitting the Game

Far Cry 6 marked the return of Ubisoft's open-world franchise earlier this month. Alongside an expansive South American playground in Yara to roam, many were impressed by the game's antagonist.

It seems like El Presidente has escalated matters beyond the game itself. As noticed by Brendan Sinclair, Ubisoft is sending out emails to Far Cry 6 users who haven't returned to Yara in a while. The emails appear as though they're from the dictator, mocking them for their absence.

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Far Cry 6 Players Are Being Heckled By El Presidente For Quitting The Game

Through the emails, Giancarlo Esposito's El Presidente is seen sarcastically insulting players who haven't returned to the game in some time. One of these emails had "You disappoint me" in the main subject followed by simply, yet bluntly taunting the player:

It was amusing watching you fail.

Another is directed at Rojas, Far Cry 6's central character:

Hola, Rojas. I wanted to thank you for giving me free rein in Yara. Take it easy, and know that Yara is in capable hands.

Some players also received progress reports on their time in Yara, giving details on how many regions were liberated. While some are unhappy at Ubisoft's strategy, others applauded it for poking fun at the player and giving more personality to the villain.

Alongside taking down El Presidente, Far Cry 6 has a host of experiences to do outside its main story. Exploration hosts a range of easter eggs, including an Assassin's Creed reference.

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