Far Cry 6 Voice Actors: All Confirmed Cast Members

As seen on the Far Cry 6's box art, Giancarlo Esposito's likeness and voice has long been confirmed for the title. More than Esposito, he will be joined by other notable voice talents who also have worked on other media as memorable characters in their respect. Here's who we know that'll make you excited to hear more from Far Cry 6's characters.

The Main Villain Man

Giancarlo Esposito is a known actor that has long been known for his chilling villain roles throughout many shows and media. Esposito's characters have been known to be ruthless, efficient, and crushes any other character when it comes arguments and discussions. By the looks of it, Far Cry 6's Anton Castillo is also sizing up to be a villain of a similar kind.

His notable roles include Breaking Bad's Gus Pring, The Mandalorian's Moff Gideon, and The Boys' Stan Edgar. Other than his television show appearances, Esposito has also dabbled in videogames prior to Far Cry 6 such as The Dentist in Payday 2 and even voice acting as Pierce Hawthorne's half brother videogame episode in Community.

Many players pick up Ubisoft's Far Cry series not because the only want to wreak havoc against armed military bases alone and come out alive. The Far Cry series is known for making iconic villains that players won't forget for the longest time.

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The Good Guys

Other than the villain, Ubisoft has also invested in putting in good voice actors for the main character and some potential good guys in the game. According to IMDB, the male Dani Rojas is voiced by Sean Rey who was in the Rev movie in 2020 and was part of the Hemlock Grove's cast. Meanwhile, the female Dani Rojas will be voiced by Nisa Gunduz who was seen on Dreams short and the Good Witch TV series.

Lastly, Diego Castillo, Anton Castillo's own son, will be voiced by Anthony Gonzalez. Diego's voice could be familiar as Gonzalez provided the voice for the main character of the Disney film Coco.

Other Notable Actors

As of now, Far Cry 6's voice cast isn't fully revealed as of now. However, the DLCs of Far Cry 6 tease the return of the voice cast of its past iconic villains namely, Pagan Min, Joseph Seed and Vaas Montenegro.

Pagan Min was voiced by Troy Baker who is considered as a legendary voice actor on many video games. Meanwhile, Joseph Seed's voice actor Greg Bryk is also confirmed to reprise the role. Lastly, Vaas Montenegro and his voice actor Michael Mando will also be returning to reintroduce us their meaning of insanity.

Far Cry 6 is confirmed to have DLC stories that'll feature these titular Far Cry villains as the main character. As for what adventure they'll have, we've yet to fully know.

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