How To Pre-Register For Fantasy Town

If farming games are your preferred flavour, then we have good news for you! The Fantasy Town pre register is now open, which means it is coming sooner than we thought.

Pre-registration went live on May 20, via Google Play and the official Fantasy Town website. This follows a soft launch across Mediterranean and Nordic Europe back in April, so devs Gamigo are moving fast. The game is a mix of farming, exploring, adventure and crafting, with a sprinkle of combat for good measure. You must build up your town to thrive, while fighting back the evil trolls. Grow crops, build amenities, and make friends with your new villagers. The game will release on iOS and Android later in 2022.

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How To Sign Up For The Fantasy Town Pre Register

Getting onto the pre-register list for Fantasy Town is super easy. Go to their official website, and scroll down a bit - you'll see a box ready for your email. Pop it in, hit 'Sign Up Now', and you're on the list!

Fantasy Town Pre Register Rewards

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Thanks to those interested in the game so far, there are some cool rewards that you'll get when the game releases.

At present, a gift of 1,000 Gold will be given to players. When more players register, a gift of 1,000 more Gold and Gems will unlock!

What Is Fantasy Town

Fantasy Town is a new game for mobile devices that features a few different mechanics, from farming to exploration and more. You'll build and expand your town, as well as producing crops and items to trade. You can explore, you can defend your town, and make friends with your citizens. It's a bit like Harvest Moon mixed with Minecraft - which sounds ideal!

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