Pokémon GO Prime Gaming Rewards May 2022

Pikachu on a plain grey background
Credit: Pikachu

Pikachu on a plain grey background
Credit: Pikachu

Prime Gaming has been giving rewards for various games for a while, helping gamers all over the world get all sorts of goodies in-game from primogems in Genshin Impact to outfits in other games. Every month, a few free games are on offer too. Now it’s time for Pokémon GO to get in on the action. Here are all the details you need on the Pokémon GO Prime Gaming Rewards for May 2022.

Now, Prime Gaming has a new partner, and they’re bringing something extra special to the table. Prime Gaming has teamed up with Niantic, the leading augmented reality gaming company to bring Amazon Prime members even more rewards to a free-to-play hit: Pokémon GO.

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When Do The Pokémon GO Prime Gaming Rewards Go Live?

Amazon Prime members can expect the first bundle to go live on May 19, 2022. More will come over the next several months, and players can expect rewards every two weeks. Players can be sure to expect items such as Poke balls, max revives, star pieces, and more. With plenty of events such as May Community Day and Pokémon GO Fest 2022 coming right around the corner, these items will be extra useful, especially if you’re a new player!

What Can Players Expect In The Bundles?

In the first bundle, which is being released on May 19, 2022, players will be receiving the following:

  • 30 Poke Balls
  • Five Max Revives
  • One Star Piece.

These rewards will be varied each time. They are released every two weeks and will be helpful to plenty of players. There are lots of varied choices and items that players could see in the future, such as raid passes, Ultra Balls, Potions, Lucky Eggs, and more.

How Do I Redeem The Code?

Go to the Pokémon GO page here.

To claim the offer, you’ll have to follow a set of instructions.

Follow these steps to redeem a code online.

  • Go to the Niantic Offer Redemption website.
  • Log in using your Pokemon Go details.
  • Enter the prime code

After successfully redeeming a code, a message will appear showing that you’ve redeemed successfully.

Follow these steps to redeem a code in-game (Android only).

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap the Shop icon.
  • At the bottom of the in-game shop, enter your code in the text field under Promos.
  • Tap Redeem.

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