Fallout Modders Bring the Rockstar Lifestyle to Post-Apocalyptic America

A screenshot of a Fallout rockstar.
Credit: neeher on Nexus Mods.

A screenshot of a Fallout rockstar.
Credit: neeher on Nexus Mods.

Ever dreamed of your Fallout character playing a gig in the ruins of New Vegas or the Commonwealth, complete with a mosh pit full of angry super mutants

Probably not, but if you fancy a taste of the rockstar lifestyle next time you jump into the ruins of America, a few new mods might help you achieve something close to the experience seen in documentaries about bands like Spinal Tap and Metallica.

That’s right, get ready to dump the Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra and blare something a little more hardcore through the speakers of your pip-boy, as you adopt a bit more of a rebellious attitude.

Rock n Roll Ain’t Nuclear Noise Pollution

The first of the mods that’ll have your parents considering disowning you is for Fallout 4 and is the work of modder neeher, whose previous work includes adding hair clippers and revolver dual wielding to the game.

This time they’ve produced a mod, called “Select Guitars”, which will allow you to rock out in acoustic style by playing a series of chords on a craftable guitar, as you can see in the video below:

In order to land your first killer axe, seek out a man named Scott in Bunker Hill, after which point they’ll be craftable at the chemistry bench. Appearing in the aid category of your pip-boy, you can pick up and put down your guitar from there, so you’re not stuck holding onto it while you try to hit the bar post-gig.

Sadly, there are a couple of minor drawbacks, with first-person strumming resulting in your character’s legs disappearing and NPCs being unable to grasp how to play the guitars, making your dreams of starting a band with Paladin Danse, Codsworth and Piper still out of reach for now.

If that isn’t rebellious enough for you, maybe a trick back into Fallout New Vegas is in order, with that game offering a fresh bounty hunting experience, in addition to a new mod that’ll really make you feel like a cool cat.

This mod is called “Simple Smoking”, is the work of modder ashjay101 and is definitely only being recommended by us because it’s in a video game rather than real life.

That said, it isn’t without its risks, as your character can become addicted to the nicotine hits accessible via the aid section of your pip-boy.

So, tell your parents it’s not just a phase, get ready to rock out and make sure you follow us for coverage of some Skyrim and Elden Ring mods you might like.

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