Fallout Mod Brings Yakuza’s Kazuma Kiryu to New Vegas

An image of Kiryu's suit in New Vegas.
Credit: ForestBoyGamer on Nexus Mods.

An image of Kiryu's suit in New Vegas.
Credit: ForestBoyGamer on Nexus Mods.

Were you excited or surprised by RGG Studio’s announcement this weekend that beloved Yakuza character Kazuma Kiryu is set to arrive in Rainbow Six Siege as a new skin on May 24?

Well, if you’re also a fan of Bethesda’s Fallout games, a new mod has made sure that you can now also take the spirit of the Dragon of Dojima to the neon-soaked streets of New Vegas.

Made by modder ForestBoyGamer, “Kiryu's Suit” allows you to don the signature dapper threads of everyone’s favourite face-punching machine.

Fallout Mod Brings Yakuza’s Kazuma Kiryu to New Vegas

Found on a shelf in Doc Mitchell’s living room at the very start of the game, you’ll quickly find that your new suit, which works for both male and female characters, is a little bit more special than the standard suits you’ll find throughout the Mojave.

First of all, you don’t have to worry about being a badly armoured sitting duck or immediately going for a speech build in order to avoid combat, as Kiryu’s Suit is specifically designed for those who want to emulate the Yakuza protagonist’s pugilistic tendencies.

So, feel free to utilise its decent damage threshold to protect you as you charge toward enemies armed with highly-powered guns and attempt to send their skulls into orbit with a swift strike.

Even if your foes manage to get a few shots that hit their target off before this happens, the suit is easily repairable, requiring only a few of the vanilla game’s Elvis-inspired Jailhouse Rocker suits to get it back up to full health.

Plus, if you feel as though it’s you that needs a little boost to take on New Vegas’s tougher foes, you can pick up another of ForestBoyGamer’s mods, “Staminan XX from Yakuza”, which’ll allow you to craft the titular drink or find it in some Nuka Cola machines.

Cracking one of these open and taking a swig will give your punches a bit more sting, exactly as they do in the Yakuza games.

Just make sure you don’t spill any on your fancy new suit, or you might find yourself hoping and praying that another mod, such as Jokerine’s “Campfire Laundry” will allow you to get the stains out.

Either way, before you jump in and start turning the Mojave into a Kamurocho-esque landscape of decimated thugs, make sure you follow us for coverage of some other Skyrim and Fallout mods you might like.

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