Fallout Modders Bring Taste of Dr Who to Post-Apocalyptica

A picture of the Tardis in Fallout.
Credit: Smgaming7 on Nexus mods.

A picture of the Tardis in Fallout.
Credit: Smgaming7 on Nexus mods.

Has the news of Ncuti Gatwa being named as the next in line to play Dr Who made you desperate to give the role a go yourself?

Well, thanks to some Fallout modders, you might not even have to invest in a new game in order to do so.

Given the popularity of the sci-fi series, it’s hardly surprising that modders of Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4 have brought its trademark gadgets and enemies to both games, so here are some of the best Time Lord based mods right now.

Fallout Modders Bring Taste of Dr Who to Post-Apocalyptica

Ironically, the first and newest Dr Who mod is for the older game, Fallout New Vegas, and is simply called “Daleks”.

Made by Mindboggles, who’s also behind a lot of New Vegas’ other custom robot mods, this mod does what it says on the tin, adding 4 different types of Dalek to the game as custom made creatures, which will likely be integrated into larger mods in the future.

Staying in the Mojave, if your love of Dr Who goes beyond just yelling ‘Exterminate!’ at every opportunity, “Fallout Who Vegas - Complete” by modding collective The Foundry offers the opportunity to experience a range of in-depth Dr Who content.

With a fully interactive Tardis, some new skills and a story based around saving the world from the Daleks, this mod offers all of the Dr Who you could ever want. Plus, with the addition of a patch and the widely publicised “Tale of Two Wastelands” mod you can even teleport across the world spaces of both New Vegas and Fallout 3.

For those who crave a smaller and more ‘wild wasteland’ style Dr Who experience, Seanm0451’s “TARDIS TTW” mod, based on Murfy27’s “TARDIS” for Fallout 3, might be more desirable, simply adding in the titular teleporting police box along with a few short quests around accessing it.

Moving over to Fallout 4, unfortunately that game’s big Dr Who quest mod “Fallout Who”, also by The Foundry, is currently hidden while a new version is in development.

However, you can grab TheShatteredSteel and Bloodhuskey77777’s “The Classic TARDIS. Duskin Mods Edition”, which allows you to make the sci-fi series’ police box into your player home.

For a look at this mod in action, check out the video below:

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