Fallout New Vegas Modder Converts Perk Into Lore-Friendly Bullet Time Mechanic

An image of bullets being fired in Fallout New Vegas.

Ever find yourself getting sick of using Fallout’s VATS system to pretty much pause time and bag a slew of easy headshots? Fancy something else to spice up the vanilla gunplay?

Well, if you’re also a fan of Max Payne, the Fallout modding community may just have come to rescue you from your dire situation.

A new mod by Hopper31, simply called “Better GRX”, takes one of Fallout New Vegas’ perks and transforms it into something akin to the bullet time mechanic you can find in Remedy and Rockstar’s beloved shooters.

Fallout New Vegas Modder Adds Lore-Friendly Bullet Time

In the vanilla game, the implant GRX perk essentially bestows the same effects as the drug turbo, briefly slowing time the player when activated, without the threat of making you addicted to it.

While using the mod, upon taking the perk, which requires you to have the Old World Blues add-on installed in order to appear, you’ll gain access to a new ability which you can assign to a hotkey.

Utilising your action points as an energy supply in the same way that VATS does, this ability will apply a slight slowdown to time, while still keeping things moving so that enemies can fight back, rather than being frozen in place.

VATS-based perks like Grim Reaper's Sprint and Plasma Spaz are still worth taking, as they’ll still have the same effects on your action point count if you’re using GRX instead of VATS.

You also don’t need to worry about gaining this ability at too early a level and becoming massively overpowered either, as you’ve got to have hit level 30 and have eight points in the endurance stat before you can acquire it.

For a demonstration of the modded GRX in action, check out this video:

The mod also comes with a degree of configurability via another add-on called “The Mod Configuration Menu”, which gives you the chance to edit how fast your action points drain and how many you need to activate GRX.

So, whip out your cowboy repeater, get ready to slow-mo death some raiders and make sure you follow us for more coverage of mods for games like Skyrim and Fallout.

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