How to Accept Invites on Fall Guys - Invite Not Working Fix

How to Accept Invites on Fall Guys - Invite Not Working

How to Accept Invites on Fall Guys - Invite Not Working

Fall Guys made a pretty huge splash when it came out in 2020. A different approach to battle royale games, it combines a sense of fun with surprisingly combative maps. If you're looking into how to accept invites in Fall Guys, this is what you need to know.

As you may expect, there are a few major ways of doing so and the game changes all the time, so you will generally have to look out for signs on the main page. Either way, this is what we know so far.

If you're finally giving the game a go and you want to know how to dive in Fall Guys or what the Fall Guys server status is, this is what you should know.

How to accept an invite in Fall Guys

Accepting invites in Fall Guys will depend on a couple of different factors.

If you link up your Epic Games account, you can accept invites from any platform. If you don't, however, you can only accept invites from the same platform. Generally, it will just pop up on screen and you can accept it at any point.

If you are sent an invite through Epic Games, you can find a tab in the top corner, giving you access to your notifications.

Fall Guys Invite Not Working Error

Generally, there are a few reasons why invites tend to fail. Firstly, you may be trying to invite someone on a different platform. Make sure you are using the same platform or both have your accounts linked to the Epic Games Store. This should fix many of your problems.

If this doesn't work, there's a chance it is a server issue. Trying turning off the game and turning it back on again to fix the problem. If not, you may just have to wait for it to solve itself.

If you're looking to find out, here's how to join a party in Fall Guys right now. Of course, if you end up having issues, you'll want to turn back to this guide for a few points. All in all, though, it's best to just wait things out. The game hit 20 million players after going free, so it's safe to say server issues are bound to be widespread for a little while.

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