Fall Guys Server Status: How To Fix Connection Error and Why It Happens

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March 9, 2023: If you want to know how to solve the Fall Guys connection error, this is what we know

Fall Guys Free For All is available on most mainstream consoles, and as such is receiving a lot of attention. Some players have come up against a Fall Guys connection error, so here's how you can try to fix it.

After a long and successful time on PlayStation and PC, Fall Guys is now available on Xbox One and Series X/S, as well as Nintendo Switch platforms. This opens it up to a lot more players, and a lot more traffic. That's where the issues lie.

If you're after more on Fall Guys, we have all the details you need on crossplatform play, and how to change your name if you want to do so when you jump back into the crazy action.

Are Fall Guys Servers Down?

January 6, 12 BST: The game seems to be doing just fine right now, though we anticipate some issues around going into the new year

We suggest looking at Down Detector to see if others are having any issues.

How To Fix Fall Guys Connection Error

There sadly isn't much you can do to fix a connection error, except to be patient and wait it out. As it gets later in the day and more people wake up or have free time, more will be loading up the game on new platforms to try their hand at the wacky stages. This means there is a huge amount of traffic compared to the usual amount of users, and the servers are struggling.

You can try to play on a different platform - for instance, we found we could log in on Nintendo Switch, but not on PlayStation 5. We assume the connection errors will be rectified as soon as possible once player numbers calm down.

In the mean time, you can try resetting your WiFi router and consoles, which might help.

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