How to Join a Party in Fall Guys - How to Join Friends

How to Join a Party in Fall Guys - How to Join Friends

Fall Guys has spent years updating, collaborating and getting even bigger. Now that it has gone free-to-play, there are so many more players getting in there. If you want to know how to join a party in Fall Guys, this is what you should know.

Luckily, there are a handful of ways you can play it with your friends. Here's how to enable crossplatform play, as well as single-platform use.

If you're finally playing the game for yourself, you may want to know how Fall Guys custom lobbies work. If you want to see something interesting set in the same universe, here's what we know about the official Fall Guys Monopoly set.

How to Join a Party in Fall Guys

Before you can join a party in Fall Guys, you should probably try to link your Epic Games account. This will give you access to both crossplay and crossplatform play.

You can do this from the main menu as you boot up the game. This will send you through to a site to sign in or it will show you a QR code you can use to sign yourself in quickly.

Once you've done this, you can accept invites via your Epic account, which will place you into a party with them.

If you want to accept invites from across multiple platforms, you may have to enable crossplay in the settings tab. This may already be turned on from the start, but we'll have more on that down below if you're stumped.

This all being said, if you happen to play on the same platform as one of your friends, you can accept an invite without linking your account. If you play on PlayStation and your friends play on PlayStation, you can just join them the normal way.

The big influx of players from the free-to-play transition has caused some pretty hefty server issues, which can affect things as simple as logging in, playing the game, and partying up. It happens: just wait it out.

If you are playing the game now and want to know all about how Fall Guys crossplatform play works, this is what you need to know so far.

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