Fall Guys: 20th August Update Patch Notes

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Fall Guys has just added a "sneaky update" to the popular platformer battle royale game.

Mediatonic's game is sweeping the internet for its quirky games and spicy memes.


The game is updating regularly to improve performance - here's what's been added today.

20th August Update

Here's what was added in the new update:

  • Valve costumes will now be available in the store on PS4  
  • Max player count for Fall Mountain is now 15  
  • Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble timer is now 1:30  
  • No more back to back team games

These changes were confirmed via the official Fall Guys Twitter account.

Earlier today it was announced that the popular mode Jump Shodown was disabled due to a new exploit that would help players win unfairly.


Revolving around players jumping over a spinning bar whilst avoiding the crumbling floor, players worked out a way to grab onto the last piece of the floor.

That kept them safe from the spinning bar, while their opponents would almost certainly be knocked off.

Hopefully a fix will be created for this so the mode can return soon.